Tuesday, June 26, 2007

formal complain

actually bila dah lama tak berblogging, samapi dah tak tau nak cite apa lagi la...maybe this is what they call "blogging syndrome"..whatever that means..

since i dont really know what to write, maybe i can share some tips regarding on "camne nak make sure our complains are heard and actions are taken on them"..seriously, this happens to me few days back..it might happen to u too, maybe in different form or another..

sometime in feb this year, we've received our house key from sp setia, the developer. and one of the feature of this house is the build-in security. and since the day we received our key, we have been promised a hundred times to be "DEMOed" on the alarm system. there was one time sometime in march that we did go to our house together with the alarm contractor, and bila dia nak start demo jek, the main board kaput..tensen tul...so it was again being posponed!

so to make the story short, up until last week, (since feb min you!) no call whatsoever from the contractor...we were so pissed off since the warranty period is nearing its end, and decided to write a formal complain!
we're written a formal letter (u know, the one with the "di harap pihak Tuan..bla bla bla") and hantar the letter to the CEO of SP Setia! i managed to find the name of the CEO in the newspaper, some Tan Sri apa ntah..but what the heck! I really want to make a compain!

so bila dah pos, 2 days after that (postage time), one MD from this security company called me and wanted to make an appointment for the alarm system to be activated! boleh la plak! dulu siap ckp takder org nak buat. bila dah send surat complain ni, dan dan boleh buat!

tips: buat formal complain and send it to the top guy in the company. this guy will assign this to somebody to be taken care off. insyallah, your complains will be heard..try it!

Monday, June 11, 2007

jun 9th 07 - apan dah tak teruna

hari ni aku ada masa terluang sikit utk update my blog...do read my previous entries kat bwh :)

alhamdulillah, apan dah bernikah! and kenduri dia buat kat Taman Warisan Putrajaya...kinda cool jgk buat kenduri kat sini...a lot of people came, some i know and some i dont know...

ada gak artis2 yg dtg..tak sempat nak tanya apan camne dia kenai...syani, pakcik yg berlakon sembilu kasih for example..tapi apan kan memang artis so kena biasakan diri :P

we've met eti, mary, zan, mamaq, rr, rudy, shareen to name a few..mamaq dah kawin and this is the first time i've met his wife..sebab kenduri dia dulu takleh nak pegi..

cuma tak sempat nak berborak panjang ngan bebudak tu, especially apan la...hopefully boleh jumpa lagi next time...yeoouusssss!!!

yem bersana eti and mary
mamaq bersama wife
zan with future wife :P lisa

rr and fat bidin

jun 3rd 07 - ipoh mali

and as usual, makan nasik minyak during this time of the year..melambak2 kenduri kawin and this is one of those...my cousin kat ipoh...so kena balik ipoh la...

we went to ipoh at around 1130 camtu (bertolak dlm kul 930 - so 2 jam ni normal la)..and bila dah jumpa sedara2 yg dah lama tak jumpa memang besh! and bila dah petang sikit (dlm kul 4pm) hari mcm nak hujan and we've decided to go off together (my sis pun convoy)..and kitaorg took off dlm kul 430 from ipoh...

and u know what! it was jammed from simpang pulai up until rawang!
WG^%$#@#$#%^ punyala bengang...a trip that should take us 2 hours or so, end up in 6hours! letih tahap cipan and this is on an automatic transmission car...tak tau la kalau manual, tercabut lutut kot!@

and the best thing is, both kids didnt sleep the whole trip! menangis...gaduh...berebut....nak terberak....etc memang mencabar...yg time nak terberak tuh, siap aku kena keluar exit mana tah, sebab R&R sesak macam haram.. tapi alhamdulillah sampai jugak ke kl walaupun dah malam...

aliff punya spiderman tatoo terlindung...
with his uncle, my brother

jun 2nd 07 - wayang outing

so waktu cuti skolah ni teringin gak byk aliff nengok wayang..so bila carik2 cite apa yg baru plus utk budak2, we went for shrek the third..

the story is kinda best gak la..tapi as usual, some of the lawaks are tahap2 budak dah paham ckp org putih la..and since aliff pun tahu sikit2 jer, dia slalu tanya aku..tapi luckily not in the cinema la...sebab kitaorg dah pesan byk kali, "jgn bercakap dlm wayang k, nanti org marah" ...so behave la jgk dia dlm wayang tuh...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

after hibernasi

wow!my last post was in may24th! punyala lama tak berblogging...here is the first entry to cover my happenings for the past couple of weeks...

may 27th - first day of school holiday
well, my sister in law came from melaka (she's a teacher basically) to spent the school holidays here in kl. they're staying at my place since my mother in law is staying with me :) bila cakap pasal mak tinggal ngan kitaorg ni, memang aku ngan yem rasa kitaorg ni agak bertuah la jgk sebab mak dia nak tinggal ngan kitaorg...rasa mcm blessed la lebih kurang...leh jaga cucu2 dia, leh nengok camne ni layan anak dia :P tapi memang rasa bertuah sgt la...thanks mak even sometimes you cant bear watching me wearing boxer in the house :P (jgn imagine k)

coming back to the story,on the 27th, we went to putrajaya for site seeing..so as a tourist guide we bawak them to the places that we know, like the masjid, palace of justice, etc etc but bila aku nak patah balik, i saw this monumen yg mcm "scud" iraq tuh, penah baca mende ni dlm paper tapi tak pernah pegi...so we've decided to have a look...and guess what, tempat tu memang best la...angin sepoi2 bahasa, orang takder...memang scenic and privacy...

here are some of the photos

sekolah aku pun ader siot

rocknyer mia