Thursday, December 28, 2006


last weekend we went to aquaria with my sister in law...saje je since cuti skolah and also i havent been to aquaria we're thinking to pay it a visit...ok jugak la...

we parked our cars at kelana jaya lrt station...thinking "senang sikit la kot, parking rm2 jer..kalau KLCC, mahal" tapi terlupa yg the journey in the LRT tu lama...bukan tak larat, tapi kesian kat budak2 tuh...but kinda think of it again, "biarla diaorg rasa naik train"... tapi to tell u the truth, the journey tu rasa lama gila....especially on the way back tu...sebab masing2 dah penat... now i know how it feels balik keje naik lrt...ingat senang jer...ader org drive :P

so kat sana, we saw a lot of fishes (memang la mangkuk :P) ...jaws, kura2, ular, JAWS! and also Mermaids! yem siap perasan i selalu ambik gambar mermaids tuh...hehehe jgn mare eh...i suka yg color purple tu...mengancam :P

the LRT trip

tengah2 tangga
the mermaid :)
the pirate
the jaws
recess time
the 3 musketers

Friday, December 22, 2006

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Joga Bonito

power siot....chewing gum pun leh joga bonito!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Everton Vs Chelsea post mortem

I didnt post the Part1 of this one as its quite long (highlight of the game) -arguably the best games so far.

I like the comments made..truthful and hopefully Moyes or the most important thing is the defenders will learn something from the goals and not to let it happen again..

ones a blue always a blue

i find this photo really funny and truely makes me proud of being a BLUE! notice that even santa is wearing BLUE whereas santa will always be associated with RED. macam RED color is banned once u're a blue! trust me, i will ONLY wear RED when I am watching an F1 race!

blues visiting a hospital for christmast present

Monday, December 18, 2006

heartbreak - again

another heartbreak...sometimes i think why on earth i always sokong teams which are not rich and currently successful such as the "big four" kononnyer, "chelsea, man u, liv, arsenal".. kan senang, every week menang, every season will challenge for the european slots, easy peasy, no heartbreak whatsoever, kalau ada pun tak selalu la maksud aku...

ni bila jadi supporter everton, have to live with heartbreaks every now and then, mcm dah lumrah, tapi im always and have been a loyal fan, insyaallah takkan berubah...even damia knows everton now!...

ok to be honest, i dont expect everton to beat chelsea, and we havent beaten them 6 years back...tapi being not once, but twice in front, i would expect at least a draw, but we were left empty handed...the first half was entertaining, everton are pushing for a goal from the first wistle, which shows we're not afraid of chelsea or whomever it might be...and we managed to get a penalty which we havent got for quite some time...

then 2nd half, ballack managed to squeze his free kick inside everton's net...and after a replay, it shows that the ball kena tiang and bounce out before hitting howard's back and masuk goal, what a luck....then to my surprise, we managed to score a goal, again, and this time from a corner header from yobo! goodison erupts!

but after some spendid defence, we did not manage to challenge lampard to score a great goal, outside the box...what a luck this point i was thinking, ok, we probably cant beat them, at least we can get a draw...thats the least we can hope for...and we managed to hold on to that up...

but not until a few minutes to the end, drogba controlled the ball with his chest, and waited to hit the ball, and when he hit it, he hit it very very good, goal! from 40yards! mangkuk tul...tapi goal ni aku rasa howard patut boleh save, he didnt strech as hard as he can...if u dont believe me, try to watch a replay of the goal...and the best part of this is to watch "moron"inho (chelsea's coach) running in front of the everton's bench with a gesture of punching his fist again and again and again...saiko..


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

deportivo de la Moto - updated

2nd track - Over and out! play as and when u like :)


wow best siot cuti panjang sikit dari besa...daulat tuanku :)

last saturday, we had a futsal tournament and i've formed a team - deportivo de la moto...ntah la mana diaorg dpt nama tu tapi boleh tahan la sedap dia :P - me in black holland jersey

we were drawn into group 1 and at least kitaorg dpt avoid defending champs which was in group2...and to tell u the truth, we were the underdogs...takder nama undercats ker...nak jgk pakai nama dog ni :P

Group A
A2. EIS Team
A4. de Portivo de la Moto

Group B
B1. Little Wigan
B3. Remp it like Beckham
B4. Delta Force

so as undercats, we played a tight game, frustrating the opponents, and killing their gameplan, which was to score...and putting a solo striker up front...and we managed to win the first 2 games! unbelievable!

and after bagging 6points with the 2 wins, we played the 3rd game for the sake of playing, and we lost 4-0...tapi yg penting we we're second in the group and qualify for the semis! another unbelievable feat! memang tak percaya..

then we met the defending champ and we managed to hold on until they managed to score a lucky goal from a free kick kitaorg tak dpt masuk final..tapi yg penting dpt masuk semis, especially utk kitaorg yg jarang pegi main futsal! alhamdulillah!

this is my team, excluding myself - had to rush back for ipin's kenduri, sorry eh lambat pin. -tonggek tak hingat!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

before and after

wow..finally i managed to find some time to blog... hmmmmm what to write....

firstly, i have converted and uploaded the full album of SKINS and BONES (S&B) by the FOO FIGHTERS. The best thing is, if ur a FOO enthusiast that is, you can hear the full album in my blog...starting with the first song, RAZOR...turn on ur speakers and click on the play button. ENJOY!


at last, after 4 years of contemplating whether to cut aliff's hair or not, we finally cut his hair short! sebab next month, or year, he will be in tadika and we dont want him to have a long hair. even though his headmaster told us that its ok to have a long hair as long as it is tied ..tapi bila pk balik, we're afraid if he will be 'pulau'ed by his school mates...boys la that is...of kena ejek or something...hence the decision..and we know this is the right one :)

so today i will post aliff's photo before and after the haircut, a sneak peak la :P i also have movied the event on my camera ;)... but i still havent managed to combined that together...hope to get it done during the weekend...