Tuesday, January 30, 2007


what a sad new to hear....sob sob...

on 19th sept, Ed Zander, CEO of mot*rol* announced our 4th quater financial result for the year2006... it did not look good...the sales did not met the expectation or numbers...and this does not look good to the shareholders...

and then came the news, just after the financial result, that the company needs to some actions to improve the health of the company...here's the excerpt from our CEO's mail, which i like to highlight:

Therefore, we must take some actions to improve the health of our company. These include:
  • Reducing our global workforce (including contractors) by about 3,500. This is by far the toughest part of my message and something that the senior leadership team and I had hoped we would never have to do. But our workforce makes up the biggest part of our cost structure, and we need to take action. The reductions will be spread across the company. We will go after operational efficiencies and improving speed and execution within the company by focusing on increasing spans of control and reducing layers of management. In addition, we will look for additional synergies from the internal reorganization of the past several years and from the numerous acquisitions that have taken place. We hope to complete this reduction in force during the first half of 2007. Your management and HR will have more details on this in the days and weeks ahead.

Bila nengok part ni, memang sedih la...tapi we're still not sure whether our site here in cyber is affected or not by this excercise...and we are still hoping that our site will still be in mot*rol*'s map....

And late last night, waktu malaysia, our counterparts in Cork, Ireland had a breaking news. They had been called for a townhall. They have been informed that Cork's site will be closed down! Ya allah, biar betul! A lot of our managers work in Cork. Apart from that, all of our machines are there. Ntahla, memang doa2 cyberjaya site will still be here...Amin!

read the news here


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

suddenly today i had an idea to search for "azlan" in the web...here are some of my findings

another blogger from subang jaya who has very similar (azlan daniel) but not the same name as mine (azlan deniel). notice the E? :P we live kira dekat jgk la, subang jaya and puncak jalil, but we've never met. by reading his blog, it seems to me that he is some kind of a wartawan or something...


a lot of european comanies has Azlan as their company name...really! i myself tak pernah terpikir nak bukak company ngan nama Azlan...the only name that is being mentioned to me or i manage to think of if kalau nak bukak company sendiri or family business is Deniel..

here is an european company which has a lot of branches all over europe...power tul...and for fun, i just copy paste the "about azlan" section here :D
About Azlan

Azlan, the Enterprise Division of Tech Data Corporation, is the leading value-added distributor of networking, servers, storage and enterprise software and services in Europe and the Middle East. In addition to enabling fast and cost-effective distribution for market leaders such as Cisco Systems, HP, Nortel, Oracle, IBM ...

Azlan provides a variety of value-creating services, which include channel development, project sales support, VAR marketing campaigns and finance programs. The new Azlan combines the successful business entities of TD Midrange and Azlan, which Tech Data acquired in 2003.

rock band, yes rock band!
end of last year, one of my collegues from Cork, Ireland came to our off here in cyberjaya, and when we met, he told me that one of his favourite bands during his collegue years was Azlan!

i at first tha percaya gak, tapi tadi bila search in the web, memang tul ada rock band named Azlan. Siap ada album ...yg latest was in 2004...this rock band is an old band mcm wings, search kot...i managed to find a movie and mp3 clip of their songs, memang rock zaman metallica!

equestrian center pun ada gaks!
Azlan Equestrian Center(509) 546-0355
4740 Columbia River RdPasco, WA 99301

Movie - Narnia
one of the characters in this movie is Azlan....if im not mistaken, it is a lion... :D sama siot, im an old Edwardian. "Magni nomanis umbra"

It seems that our name could be used somewhere else in the world without us knowing about it...kinda think of it, a lot of people in this world will use the word Azlan in their daily lives...kinda weird though!


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

aliff went to school

i know i should have at least 'story' that aliff is already in school starting from jan 08...this is his second week...tapi tak sempat...so thinking of 'story'ing a bit today..
b4 that, u can play "WALKING AFTER U" by foo...i simply can listen to this song over and over and over again...
alhamdulillah, we had a hari suai kenal on the 3rd Jan...we just need to come for 2 hours (8.30 - 10.30)..so that they can be biasa sikit to schooling...the day b4, few weeks b4, we selalu bring him to the school area, just to watch the school, and we always say to him that, "ni sekolah aliff tau, tu tempat aliff main, tu tempat aliff makan"...he initially was sceptical, "betul ke org tua ni", tapi lama2, he kinda like it and every time we lalu that area, he asked to have a look at his school, and from thereon, he seems to like schooling..

on the orientation day, he was ok, just takut-takut a bit...when we sampai to his school, we were greated by his school teachers and we went straight to his classroom...as a semangat parent, we want him to sit in front and luckily, there is an empty sit on the front row, tapi tak depan2 la teacher la, tapi tepi sikit, but the most important thing is the front row...hehehehe

at that time, we thought dia akan nangis tapi to our surprise, he was ok and we told him that we will wait for him outside and he was smiling and noding, tanda setuju...so we went out and stayed outside for the whole 2 hours...and bila dia keluar class, we saw him wearing a hat, assistant monitor lagi...tapi for that day la....hahahaha...im really a proud father that day ;)

******************08 Jan 06********************
aliff cuti sebab we went to langkawi that weekend, yes langkawi...kitaorg beli ticket dari April 06 and our trip was Jan 07...punyala lama...so terpaksa cuti la....more of this probably in my next entry

*****************09 Jan 06*********************
yem and myself are still on leave, woke aliff up at 730, shower, pakai baju sekolah, breakfast, went out 755, sampai sekolah 800, masuk kelas, told aliff "daddy ngan mummy balik rumah k, nanti daddy ngan mummy datang balik"

aliff angguk and off we go...balik rumah...

1150am - we went back to his school, and we saw him queing up to go out of the school...nampak dari jauh sebab dia yg paling tinggi! hahahhaa....

1200noon - we as him to naik van...punya la mahal rm20 sebulan on way...rumah dekat la jugak tapi belasah jer la....so we put him in the van and we went straight home...waiting for him...dlm 10min camtu sampai rumah...and he looks happy but malu2 a bit

*****************10 Jan 06*********************
yem and myself were on mc...demam, batuk selsema...tapi alhamdulillah aliff sihat..so we sent him to school at 8am and this time, we said to him that we will wait for him at home..."aliff balik naik van ok, daddy ngan mummy tunggu kat rumah"..."ok" he said...

tapi the truth is, at around 1150am camtu, we waited in the car and watched him from afar, just nak nengok how the teachers and the van driver handle the kids....and alhamdulillah sume nampak ok...queue, check nama, queue, check nama again...and off they go to the van, so when we saw him inside the van, we cabut balik rumah...and waited for the van to come..and as usual, in 10mins he's already in front of the house...

*****************11 Jan 06*********************
this is the first day aliff will be at school and we will be at the office....sedihnyer tapi kena la jgk kan...this was the most challenging day of the week...

7am - gerak dari rumah to send yem ke LRT. the jam was very bad and we only managed to arrive at the LRT at around 740am! so went back to fetch aliff at home...

8am - sampai rumah...fetch aliff to school...sampai lambat sikit tapi ok jer la....this time aliff waived me goodbye...

*****************12 Jan 06*********************
similar to 11Jan...tapi dah kena start baca buku...."WHO IS THIS?" "THIS IS RITTY""WHO IS THIS?" "THIS IS ALZY"
kena baca siot buku...so balik rumah, we teach him abit la...

*****************15 Jan 06*********************
similar to last week, but this time, when we arrived at school, he already says "Bye daddy" wow, what an improvement, siap dah nak cepat2 suruh aku blah :P tapi aku syukur dia ok...

*****************16 Jan 06*********************
similar to monday...but one thing that i would like to highlight, he already hafal'ed' the whole book! alhamdulillah..berkat mak bapak dia ajar aku rasa! :P

im really proud of my son! "nanti jgn ambik course IT tau!" :P


Monday, January 15, 2007

sexy machine

yesterday was the launching of F2007 ferrari F1 machine...i really like the look of it...the first impression is really important and this one is really one hot sexy F1 beast...

cant wait for the season to begin...with kimi in the red car especially!


Friday, January 05, 2007

Aquaria - vid

Ni my vid taken kat aquaria...plus the mermaids ;)