Monday, July 30, 2007

100th evertonian's entry

NFL anfield

pejam celik pejam celik this is my 100th first, i never thought of even reading people's blog during my leasure time, its simply smashing to know that i have reached this one small tiny winy milestone of my internet life :P

what's best to tie this milestone to an everton entry...being an evertonian since i was born (well, this is well being bloated, but since 1980an la) i really admire the man in blue..but definitely not the red shite! i remember my big brother was supporting the red shite that time (dulu kitaorg main bola yg pakai kad tuh, pakai bola kertas kecik and jentik ngan kad tuh..memang best...bola akan dapat kat player yg paling dekat..pastu kena adjust kekuatan jentikan utk buat passing...boleh la main ngan aliff camni :P)..but look at him now, he's a red devil! memang dasar nengok form kuat, sokong, tak kuat sah sah tak sokong!

having said that, being blue is always depressing, bukan ngan team, tapi ngan press, tv, pay tv, paper, internet, yg memang tak pandang langsung the boys in blue...tapi bila ada berita pasal the red shite (kopites), even pasal mende kecik jer, heboh satu dunia...tapi im used to it, "what the heck do we care?"

furthermore, the liverpool city council (LCC) is obviously menganak-tirikan everton with the red shite stadium kat stanley park tuh! memang menjijikkan :P bila everton came out with the idea to build a stadium near stanley park, LCC was saying they wanted to preserve the greenery at the area, tapi bila red shite nak buat, boleh la plak!

tapi i think everton fc pun ada drawback gak la sebab takder yankie/chinese/hong kong/russian sugar-daddy yg nak invest...last2 end up ngan TESCO! gila apa...pegi stadium pastu pegi minum kat food court! i cant imagin tuh...tapi nak buat camne...

apa2 pun, coyb!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

snake alert

well, yesterday we came back quite late from the office...kitaorg sampai rumah around 8pm. and when i was going inside the car porch, i saw the pintu tong sampah terbuka and i can see a bag of sampah inside there la of course...

our taman here have a lot of stray dogs, so i will be a mess if they come and gigit the sampah away i was saying to myself, "camne la pintu ni tak tutup"

after parking my car, i went straight to the dustbin and tried to close it"ya Allah, tak leh tutup la plak" cam tersangkut cause it seems that the door has been bented and it is difficult to close...i tried tapi gagal..."takpe la..esok try lagi"

so we went inside and mom told us that in the afternoon, there was a SNAKE trying to get into our HOUSE! through the front door! "kepala dah nampak kat dalam", mak ckp. Ya Allah, camne tu? dah la ada budak2 yg tak tau apa...maunye dia nampak mcm toy ker aper ke..maunye dia pegang ke...nauzubillah

tapi alhamdulillah...dtg pulak guard taman kitaorg tu utk menolong...they came together with a buluh and managed to kill the snake...alhamdulillah the snake kena bunuh kat depan pintu..tapi, darah byk la plak kena kat pintu tu... so coming back to the pintu tong sampah tu, rupa2nyer guard tu siap berdiri kat atas pintu tong tu...padanla!

tapi yg penting, everybody is safe and sound...
upon hearing that, i called my mom..."mak, ada ular nak masuk rumah lan pagi tadi, tapi alhamdulillah guard tu sempat bunuh dia", "mak ada petua dak?"
then, my mom pun cite la yg ular tak suka bau limau purut...she asked me to buy some limau purut and hiris the limau purut and lumurkan kat sekeliling rumah...
also, if we can find belerang better, just pour the belerang sekeliling rumah...insyallah dia tak mai...amin

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

mini concert - 5

I think this is the last part for the mini concert.

Here is Aliff doing a reading of his book. The sound is not really clear. I can only hear "Aliff, speak louder" from his principal. :P

Friday, July 20, 2007

mini concert - 3

The class singing the "Places of work"... Cubala dengor parents yg bising kat background tuh..

And also the headmaster saying "Louder!" :P

Aliff, being the tallest in the class needs to be at the back and at the tepi...tapi senang la sikit nak amik gambar :)

I really like the nodding of the head, simply cute!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

mini concert - 2

The second part of the mini concert. Singing the Q-Dees song. Hope u guys can spot him :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

mini concert - 1

Last saturday, Aliff had a mini concert for his school. He had a very good time performing which includes singing, dancing and also reading.

I didnt managed to find time to edit and make a good video of the event but I managed to upload clips of them for sharing.

This is part 1 of the mini concert.

Monday, July 09, 2007

ramai tul org nakkan date nih...i agree la that the date is unique in a way and it is also bertuah that it falls on a saturday....even quite a number of my neighbours kawin on that day ( i can see khemah and luxurious cars with ribbons in front of their houses )

so, our friend here also tak nak melepaskan peluang utk tarikh ni, mohd khairi :) he was married the week before and this was the kenduri for his side...the location is at the sime darby hall or something, cant quite remember the hall name but it is somewhere near bukit jelutung... maybe dekat2 ngan rumah zan...tul ke zan?
when we're there, a lot of familiar faces were there, atiqah, faizan, big show, mon, tem, shahida, jue, fadela, yohan, rozailan, fahmi, azahar and family, aiza, asyida, sabita and a few more...
tapi memang grande la kendurik tu...when we're there, a set of penyambut tetamu where there to greet us and we're asked "berapa org encik?" ...mcm nak makan kat restoran plak :P"4" i said...then we were taken to our table..tapi takleh la nak makan ngan member2 lain...and also, the kenduri is not self-service mcm the trend rite now, its "hidang"ed. tapi all in all, kendurik tu memang best! kalau boleh buat la selalau keri :P

sports/movie weekend was like a sports plus movie weekend..on 07.07.07, chicken little was premiered on HBO .. we did watched this movie via a pirated CD but the quality was very bad so this was the first time we watched the movie formally...then the second movie that we watched was harry potter: the goblet of fire...aliff was really excited to watch both movies and it was worthwhile :)

then we have a list of sports going on during the weekend... copa america, asia cup, wimbledon, silverstone gp

F1 - 2 wins in a row for kimi! im really excited bout this one cause im kinda not keen on the 2 mclarens! menang sebab dpt confidential info from insider :P

Roger Federer - 5 wimbledon title in a row! i am a fan of nadal...and watching the game yesterday, it was one of the best ive watched so far (sebab dulu tak brape minat tennis) for the ladies, i didnt watch the finals sebab im a fan of justine henin..dah kalah semis ;)

Vietnam buli UAE (komemtator asyik jerit jer...) - yg ni memang terkezut la..bila nengok highlight ni, especially. memang UAE kena buli...i pray malaysia can play like this in the tournament

Eventon's Tim Cahill saves Ozzie - the press is not making a lot of noice about this one..if it was Kewell who scored the goal, it will definitely be the top news all over the world! nvmind, at least we know cahill is blue trough and through!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Christijan Albers pit stop mistake

This happens during the last weekend's Magny Cours race..

Simply stupid.

Monday, July 02, 2007

parents and teachers day

last saturday qdees puncak jalil had a parents and tearchers day...its something like a report card day where teachers will inform the parents on their child's progress in the 1st half of the year..

parents are given 10mins to see the teachers and ask any questions that they have during this period...the whole session would be from 8am to 12tghari..

so, as usual, we came early at around 815am to the school but to our surprise, there were quite a number of parents who're already at the school and started their session..when we came, "good morning, please be seated" said the principal..

En-Einstein; which is a pre-school 2 class; a class for the english medium (yg ada english ngan mandarin medium jerk) for 5year old students; dah ada 2 org queing to see the teacher, Teacher Parames..

and during the "waiting" period, we chatted with one of aliff's classmates' father.."the pendidikan islam class is a bit slow kan?" the guy said.. "iqraq macam tak gerak-gerak pun" he added..

"a ah..tu la..kami pun nak tanya gak kenapa macam tak banyak progress ngan pendidikan islam ni" tapi memang la, pendidikan islam dia macam slow sikit..iqraq progress mcm 1-2 pages per week...kinda slow la for us...tapi mesti bukan Teacher Parames yg ajar kan! huhuhu must be some other muslim teacher...kena tanya nih!

and our turn came...and she started the session by "aliff muqri is bad in coloring!" :D then she opened aliff's file and showed us his "masterpiece".. memang berterabur la..she continued "when i said to him that he's poor in coloring, aliff will look sad" huhuhu memang sedih la bila org ckp camtu kat dia...but for us, he's improving.. sebelum ni color memang terkeluar la dari border lukisan tu tapi skrg dah boleh control tak kasik keluar...insyaallah in a few more months or so, boleh la kot ;)

then, she keluarkan the report card..the report card contains a lot of things, starting from day 1 of the school term till today...its being divided into a few sections namely subjects; BM, BI, Maths, Moral, Attitude etc...

and all of them aliff dpt 'A' in each! im really proud....Teacher Parames said that aliff is very attentive in class, and dia paham apa yg dia ajar straight away..mcm fast learner..his english reading book is already at book12 and his close "competitor" is at book9. im really shocked to hear that! sebab sebelum ni nak baca A B C pun tak leh, tapi alhamdulillah he's fast improving...

his BM reading book is now at book5. and he seems to be able to read sukukata quite well..and now bila jln2 dlm kereta, he likes to read the signboards :)

all in all, im really proud of my son even though his exams dia tak dpt sume 100%..english ada 2 salah :) but this is just kindergarten right! just go to school, have fun and make lots of friends! thats the most important thing!