Wednesday, December 17, 2008

party time

motoparty...this will be our last motoparty...after all the great 4 years with boils to this one last one...sob sob..

anyhow, had a smashing time during the party...the food was quite good...the only thing thats missing was the lucky draw! selama aku kat moto nih...tak penah dpt..tak penah lucky...geram tul..the top 3 prizes was v8 and v9 respectively...haiii...memang tak dpt la aku phone tuh...kena beli sendirik la jwbnyer...

another thing that amuses me was the MC...had a decent nite...managed to make us laugh...and managed to tangkap a few mangsa to do some silly some words using ur entire body...imagine, ur boss was selected and she needs spell "elmo" using her body, in front of everybody, including her staffs...gulp...

with fareed...
with my team

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Shava shava..part2

See part 1 first ;)

Shava shava..part 1

Part 1

aliffs concert

last friday..aliff performed during his school's concert...

dia buat 2 performance...the first being singing "can ma li can"...and the second dancing to a bollywood tune..."shava shava"

im so proud of him because he has changed a lot...dia skrg dah tak berapa malu..(malu tu still ada lagi..tapi controllable la :P)..shows a lot of confidence...and he really can dance! thats from my eyes la..sebab lentuk badan sume tak la keras sgt....tak la cam kayu sgt :)

also, before the concert we did ask him to show us some steps for the dance, but dia ckp"takleh...teacher kata surprise!" hehehehe kelakar la...he also informed us that he will be performing "dekat depan" but we were curious sebab all this while, since he is one of the tallest in his class, he will always stand at the back...supaya tak halang org lain kan..tapi for this one, he was definitely in front! to our surprise, he was the hero of the "song"! he also had a heroin...btw, i really love seeing the heroin sebab she was smiling all the a proud dad!

one thing that amuses me though..since his performance was the last for the bila dah abis performance tu jek...when he was on his way down the pentas...yem and i was rushing to get to him, a couple of ladies stopped him...just to take photos with him! mcm peminat la plak...the same thing happenned when we were on our way to the changing funny!

we, terasa cam bodyguard la plak :P

with her heroin
nengok tempat lain la plak..
after the show...

p/s: im in the middle of uploading the videos...tak sempat nak edit..upload jek sume :)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

birthday celeb again!

school holidays here...but aliff's still at his school...but this week is the last he only have about 3 weeks of holiday before going to a proper school, as a standard 1 pupil :)
last november, my house was kakak from selama came to brother from penang came from penang...and all of us meet up at my place...the only missing was my sister in muar and jasin...we used this time to discuss on our last immediate family wedding planned sometime end of next year...
well, during their stay, pah (supermom) decided to buy a cake to celebrate november babies in our family...and this includes damia of course...sedap betulla cake tu... :)

one big family i have
with birthday girl :)

birthday girl with her grand mothers