Wednesday, June 17, 2009

school break..

school holidays are over! (dah seminggu beb).. sob sob...back to my routine again ;) had a smashing break with the family...very tyring but worth every sen...

first week, went to sing*pore (6/6/09 and came back 8/6/09)..had a seminar to attend but since its school holidays plus sing*pore is currently having their so called SALE plus they're having this promotion called "malaysian pay*half", i decided to take the whole family together with me :)

stayed at "the calrose* apartment" located near "yuo chu*kang" dont play play MRT* station..huhuhu..when i say near, its not actually really near, we had to walk around 1km kot utk sampai..peluh gak la...tapi the apartment is definitely 1st class la..memang mcm hotel..minus the room service :) they even have an adventure had really a good time there!

on our first day, since we arrived around 3pm and only managed to check-in at the apartment at around 4pm, went to the orchard* road...kinda surveying the price la...there are actually some goods which are reasonbly cheap but most of the items are quite expensive for us..not sure bout the others :)

on our second day, during my seminar, the kids went to the adventure pool and had their time of their lives (swimming that is)..then in the afternoon, we went sight seeing the once-a-malayan-land island..

went to the sing*pore flyers to utilize the promotion they have there whereby we only need to pay RM100.20 with the exact change (the price was actually SD100.20, but the promotion allows us to pay the exact value with RM) which is cheap comparing with the normal price that we have to fork out in SD which is currently around 2.45 more than our RM1. the experience was quite nice..but for me..nothing interesting except that we can see the land from afar..

right after that, went straight to sent*sa..took the cable car (again using our beloved RM to pay the same amount as the SD)...we went to a number of nice spots, mcm the 4D cine blast, 4D extreme log ride, songs of the sea...memang sampai malam la...kitaorg left sent*sa at around 930pm camtu...arrived at the apartment around 11pm..phew penat siot jalan! luckily we brought along the stroller :)

on our last day, we didnt go anywhere sebab dah nak kena spent the morning on the pool..this time i pun ada join skali...then took the MRT to ch*ngi airport...

had a very unforgetful event at the airport...due to some reasons, we didnt bring enough aqeel's pampers..i was thinking that the last one can last till we arrive in malaysia..but to our nightmare, it didnt! the pampers leaked when we were to aboard the flight...we were already in the waiting lobby! camne ni!

i tooked a napkin and wrapped around aqeel and managed to hold off the leak until we were on the airoplane...tapi aqeel at that time was restless la...cannot blame him for that..tapi alhamdulillah the journey was not that long and managed to alight the plane at LCC*T without much fuss..but not without some leakage of aqeel's pea on the plane carpet...sorry air as*a..huhuhuh

memang lepas ni kalau nak gi jalan kena bwk pampers byk2!..

here's some of the pics during the trip :)

kiasulan here we come...
at the apartment
nice kitchen..please mind yem yg tengah makan :P

ready for the first outing

orcha*d road at night..
chu kang station...
mia with her antique..
going to the flyers..
we're here!
we're inside dy :)
muka selamba..
jauhnyer pandangan
cable car
sento*a station
*mbiah lookout...
nengok 4d show..
songs of the sea...
landen without baju!!!
with the kids...yem kena sensored :P
last day.. our last trip ngan chang* airport :)


Blogger geeGrik said...

ala lan malu2 plan nak tunjuk bodu keh keh keh

4:10 AM  
Blogger konot said...

aku dulu masa pi london.. diapers tu jer dah separuh beg beso.. hehe.. tak sanggup aku nak beli lagi diaper!

1:56 PM  
Blogger landen said...

gee...huhu..sensored...last time aku gi singapore was with u bro..ingat lagi dak? tab hanto.. :)

konot...memang kena bwk byk2 beb..sian plane yg aku naik tuh..hehehe

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

alahai...dah besar budak2 ni. miss la nak jumpa korang semua. bila nak ada 'sardin time' lagi ni :)

~cik ros

10:04 AM  

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