Monday, August 04, 2008

weekend was fun

we had a kinda full weekend...on saturday morning, as usual, every month, we need to go to pasar borong selangor to buy our wet and dry stuff...kitaorg memang selalu gi once a month jek, so kena la beli 2-3 kg in one shot...usually, we will consume those in one months time...

then, in the afternoon, we went to seremban for a wedding reception...kawan yem punya kenduri...had a nice trip and the makan was sedap oso..siap tambah nasik lagi..

mana pegi aqeel?

and dlm kul 3 camtu, yem decided to go to nilai 3..just to window shopping..i was kind of reluctant at first, satu sebab panas, dua sebab ada aqeel lagik...mcm tak suitable la plak..tapi bila dia ckp kitaorg jarang pegi kat arah tu, and we're already in seremban, which is kinda dekat..i mengalah :P.. tapi bila kat sana,kitaorg jln2 lebih kurang bosan gak la..

lepas pegi nilai3, yem called rosnah and she decided to pay rosnah a visit...dah lama kitaorg tak gi rumah dia, the last time was a berbuka puasa i think..lama kitarog sampai sana around 530 camtu, sian ros kena gi beli barang makan plak...thanks for the food yer ros...memang kitaorg balik rumah malam tu tak makan dinner dah :) full abis..

on sunday morning, aliff had his sports was fun! there were food, clown, running, running, laughing, laughing and laughing :) i even met 2 of my school mates (i havent met them since 1994!) there is an advantage of having the same body "structure" as me! senang org nak recognize! to tell u the truth, i am having the same weight since my school days! jealous? :P

the event started with a lintas hormat of all the participants...aliff was the flag for the event, aliff did win an was a team effort i would say...and he was very proud of the piala he proud! ...tapi on an individual event, aliff did masuk a 50m run..and he finished 5th out of 8 people...sebab dia memang tak semangat nak lari pun from the lain dah ready nak lari, dia cam relax jek... a proud father...

waiting for his turn
mia going to her seat
aliff the flag bearer
with his best friend...iskandar