Friday, March 30, 2007

moto bowling tournament 2007

last monday we had a bowling tournament at pyramid started at 6pm and ended at 8pm. so when we formed the team, only azahar and myself were from last year's 4th place team we've decided to combine with other teams yg tinggal beberapa kerat orang jer so that we can have a diverse team of male and female..

so the team comprises of:

1. azahar (captain) - his last game as captain, his last day will be 9th Apr..last2 im the last one standing huhuhu
2. me
3. aiza - power siot minah ni. no 4 overall for female category
4. big show - brings muscle to the team
5. mon - another left hander in the team

and our target was to be among the top groups la...must aim for the impossible, baru leh perform..huhuhu...and that was our target really...

up - looking at the score..."hai..what went wrong"
below - can u guys find me? huhu

first frame was quite ok, im the underperforming person in the team and i admit it..maybe sebab kena main double mcm susah nak concentrate..hahah ya rite, alasan as ever.. tapi on the 2nd frame, i managed to up my game, tapi this time, yg lain2 dah penat..tapi all in all, satisfying!

my team was ranked 10th among the 34 teams competing..thats one third of the participating teams..ok la...and i was ranked 30th of the 97 male competing...tu pun kira one third la..tapi year target to be the no1 team...huhuhu


Thursday, March 22, 2007

sentimental value

perghh...last sunday i suddenly ajak yem to shah alam, teringin sgt nak makan goreng pisang azmi kat stesen komuter shah alam tuh...she agreed immediately.

so at around 4pm, kitaorg sampai the area, and as usual, the queue was massive..panjang nak mampus..tapi since dah dari jauh ni, beratur jer la...then around 430 dpt la beli goreng pisang tu...yum yum memang maintain sedap la...teringin nak pegi lagi..huhuhu

then, in the car, i said to yem, "jom kita pi tengok ppp sat" and she sambil mengunyah goreng pisang, we went to section 18...pergh memang dah berubah! dulu padang dah jadik kompleks, tapi still under construction, depan IMTIYAZ ada satu lagi deretan kedai, oso under construction...memang dah berubah la kawasan tuh...

we went and make a round kat hostel dulu..memang nostalgic la...
-tempat tenet,
-tempat kena gigit tikus,
-tempat kete puan liza kena langgar ngan kete Aad,
-tempat lepak ngan apan and the geng,
-block 11,
-block 18 budak jatuh dari syiling,
-tempat tunggu bas ppp pegi library,
-tempat makcik lampu,
-tempat kete askar eron slalu parking tak kunci tu,
-tempat "fly" pastu kena tangkap ngan pak guard tapi jawa ckp "keje kelang",
-tempat "nasi lemak sodap"..

perghh...u name it, everything is inside the tip of my tounge..memang nostalgia! and we told everything to our kids, ni la tempat daddy ngan mummy skolah dulu what a feeling!

then we make way to shah alam lake garden, nak lepak sambil makan goreng pisang tadi..and we came to the place (exact place with the same bonggol) where me, yem, wawa, sand pegi on our last date together as a ppp student, how nostalgic..still remember wa? ;)


Monday, March 19, 2007

everton - australian gp

scary! this is the first word that come out of my mouth when i saw the incident yesterday...

better still, watch this video at the last clip where Coulthard's car just grazes on top of the word REUTERS, inches wide from Wurz's head, scary!

Another three points toward Europe and a larger slice of position money. A game of decent football that I really enjoyed. Arsenal all pass, pass and move, move, versus an Everton side of resiliance and not short on playing a fair with a bit of good football themselves, which gave me great pleasure considering some of our previous offerings. We can do it so why not carry it through to the end of season?

I thought today the manager got it right against this current Arsenal side and hope this midas touch will be in evidence for the remainder of games we face as we all know that two games are never the same. I thought we shaded the first half and were unlucky not to be ahead after Carsley struck a post.

The second half at times reminded me of a basketball game as it was so end to end. For all of Arsenal's class and pass and move, I thought they never really posed a great threat throughout which speaks highly of the back four and indeed of my MotM: Lee Carsley, who not only broke up most of the Gunners better work but still found time to find the simple pass or the hoof as nessessary. We though again found the woodwork courtesy of Osman which suggests our pass and move may be more productive.

Fernandes I thought was both a revelation and a nightmare, one minute looking a world-class midfielder with exquisite ball control and a vision to match, the next giving away sloppy possession and putting us on the back foot. Hopefully our manager will educate him on such matters and, if we are able to secure his services for next season, he will be that midfielder we have craved.

A very good team performance with no shirkers on the field saw us battle right to the end. With hailstones as big as golfballs raining down we took one last corner and the manager's introduction of Big Vic was well and truly vindicated as he caused enough havoc in the box to allow the predatory AJ to smash home the winner through the smallest of spaces afforded by goalkeeper and fullback. The ground erupted and the final minutes were played out without resorting to panic stations.

On the final whistle, i became estatic especially watching moyes jumping up and down, aj being mobbed by the fans, silly I know, but that's how footy gets you.

As the team came off, I thought the sight of Beattie coming on to hug AJ was not only magnanomous but a demonstration of team unity and, whatever we may think of him and his current form, I thought it was the action of a top lad. Another break till we head for Villa, another different challenge... just hope the Manager gets it right again. which will make Good Friday very interesting. UP THE BLUES

Thursday, March 15, 2007

F1 is GOOOOOOOO!!!!!

if u follow F1, u will remember this tagline mae famous by super Murray Walker! and its definitely a season to look forward to especially after schumy's retirement, massa's style of handling the new driver raikonen, raikonen's first start as a ferrari driver, world champ alonso first drive for mclaren, luis hamilton's debut, fisichella becomes the main driver in renault, bridegestone monopoly, the emergence from the shadows by bmw (yeah, this is the team to watch this year), honda's "world" livery and many many more...words cant describe my anxiety to watch the first race of the season this sunday...come join me!

also, everton is going to entertain arsenal this weekend, cant wait this one as well! hope we play well and may our european dream comes alive at the end of the season, amin!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Birthday Aliff 5

cuba nengok kawan aliff yg semangat tuh ;) waktu aliff tiup lilin...suka betul...this is what i like about kids, they just show their expression on the spot...bila dah besar nanti mesti kena control..

last Monday we had a birthday party for Aliff at his school (his birthday is on the 20/02 but since its Chinese New Year; we've decided to do it on 26th)...aliff is already 5 official :)

yem and myself took the day off for this occasion, the first at his school, the first in front of his friends, the first not at home. so, as excited as aliff was, we went to aliff's school at about 725am to set up the ballons, rupon2 :P and banners in his classroom..dtg awai sebab tak nak ramai budak ada waktu tu..nak buat a bit of surprise la kononnyer...then after that we went back home..

then at around 10am we came back (10am is their snacktime) together with the cake; a chocolate cake..yum yum...and we sang the birthday song together...well a great day for him!