Wednesday, January 30, 2008


gosh!! i found a lot of news today in the web saying that there is a possibility that moto will be selling off its handset just hoping for the best...amin

taken from one of the news in the web...

January 29, 2008 Motorola contemplating exit strategy from mobile phone market

The world without Razrs and Krzrs sounds like a dark and deprived place. This is exactly what we may be looking at. Motorola has consistently lost market share to Samsung, Nokia and Sony. After suffering a dramatic drop in mobile phone sales during the fourth quarter last year when compared with the same period in 2006, the company may exit the handset market.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

retro moment (4 heroes)

salam has been a while from the last time i managed to write something in this update on the condition of supermom, the endiogram was successful but unfortunately, there are quite a number of blockages that cannot be repaired through the "bubble" or "stand"...she needs to have a surgery @ bypass.... the date will be set on the coming 4th Feb...

on another note, i managed to get hold on to this retro moments from my brother...can u guys guess which one is landen?

Friday, January 18, 2008

supermom in IJN


supermom skrg ni ada kat IJN and she had to undergo a procedure called "endiogram" (hope i spell it right) which a camera will be inserted to her veins (most probably urat kat peha or least likely; urat dari tangan) yg akan sampai ke jantung..

if possible, the doctor will insert a "bubble" kat salur darah yg tersumbat tu...tapi if banyak salur yg tersumbat, then need to have an operation...

mintak doa-doakan so that the "endiogram" will suffice ...cause the risk of having the operation is much higher... amin!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

demi masa

salam sorry that i have not been able to update my blog recently...the last 2 weeks of last year and the first 2 weeks 2008 has been very tight for me, reallyy!!! so sorry for the guys who turned up for the futsal game, hope we can have another one next time!

mula2..i have to pack our things since we're moving to putrajaya tapi at that time, our house is not really ready due to some internal construction (cabinets and stuffs) kena follow-up lagik...

then, my car broke down again! and this time, the car wont was a saturday morning where i was on my way to putrajaya to meet up with one of the contractors when the incident happen...i was just passing a traffic light near the pasar borong selangor when the engine suddenly stops...luckily i managed to pull over to the side of the road by using the momentum of the car...

greeeekkk, greeeekkkk
the car wont start! even the lampu check engine tu pun tak nyala! i called the eon workshop nearby..and they sent a pomen to the site..tu pun dlm masa sejam!

check punya check...tukar fius itu ini, the car still refuses to start...mati la aku camni..he said that the car need to be towed! so he called a tow truck and i had to wait for another 1 more hour for the tow truck to arrive...

so the chinese guy pun towed my car but since my car is heading towards the opposite direction from the workshop, he needs to make a U turn! so waktu nak buat U turn tuh, ada bunyi
and he had to stop at the middle of the traffic light junction! punyala byk kete, panas plak tuh! check punya check rupanyer steering kete aku lock...sebab tu takleh nak pusing! so unlock baru leh...

a pointer here, kalau kete korang kena tow, biar kunci kat kete and let the steering unlock..
so bila sampai workshop, rupa2nyer dia punya ECU yg kong! and you know what, an original will cost you around 5K+ (gulp)...terduduk aku jap...but they said they will look from a kedai potong and it will cost you around 1k
so i left the car...but my luck is still on my side sebab my kakak in law is at home so i can pinjam her car for all the rush of pindah rumah..thanks kak chik!
and to cut the story short, now im no longer staying at puncak j-alil, we have moved to putrajaya if u happen to be somewhere in putrajaya, drop by at presint 9 :)
on another note, aku kena amik cuti sebab aliff dah start sekolah kat smart reader in presint 8...q-dees is not available in putrajaya so we had to put him in smart reader...he seems to be happy in his new school...its just that he doesnt remember his friends names yet ;)
p/s: everton lost last night due to their own mistake, damn!