Thursday, August 27, 2009

sudah basi

have been a while since i last updated my blog...malas or takder masa or both...

since my last visit to the hospital on my chest pain, the pain is no longer occuring..even the short breathness yg aku rasa frequently dulu pun dah takder...maybe once in a while tapi alhamdulillah dah tak macam ari tu...memang tak tau apa sebab nyer tapi sejak aku berjogging, the pain slowly hilang..and with that, i will continue berjogging lepas raya nanti ;)

talking about jogging, last month i did ajak the whole family, excluding aqeel, pegi jogging kat tasik cyber..had fun...yem kena jogging more often :P

mummy pun nak main ke?
notice the burung on top of the picture...rarely seen!


then on the same day, we went to zan's wedding..yg ni memang gilos...aku rasa korang dah tau yg kenduri dia ber'theme'kan mexican...kitaorg dtg just smart casual..sbb takder baju yg ala2 mexican...sayang our camera have some problems bila ambik gambar byk blur...

the wedding reception was totally out of the norm...outdoor, datang, free seating, ada meja for family members we decided utk duduk bwk pokok :)..

the pengantin dressing is totally mexican..makanan was superb! memang mexican abis...kat sana jumpa apan, ojan, la-bob, chick, ayoi...yg lain tak berapa kenal or maybe kitaorg memang tak kenal langsung...

selamat pengantin baru zan!

at the reception counter..habis mexican

garden wedding...

mya yg cute ..habis muka apan la dia nih!

the daddy!

finally the man of the hour!