Tuesday, November 28, 2006

work work work

penat siot....i am fully drained this 2 weeks due to work...from monday to friday...non-stop...hence, no update to my blog...

this week oso the same, planning to take leave this friday, applied, approved, but deadline needs to be bring forward, thursday, full stop, no nonsense...im speachless, hair falling down, turning grey, making panjang, needs to be cut, just like my son, more about this later, but work, work work!

i need to verify a couple of fixes, 1 for lubancell, a lubnan telco company, power siot, 1 for vodacom, south africa, need to verify them by thursday, so far not good, machine problem, im 50% blocked, hope test coordinator will be kesian with me, bring somebody to look into the machine, fast!

i oso have skipped my mandarin classes due to this workload, pitty me, was hoping to master mandarin but this morning, they already had the final test, no show from me, again, and definitely, no grade, no more new languages for me, at least for now, cause its damn difficult, need to learn languages during tender years, not like now, otak karat, bubuh gris pun tak boleh lagi, thinking of enrolling my son to mandarin class..what a solution, if u cant do it, punish ur children to do it...parents nowadays...

looking at the bright side, managed to buy the new foo live album, but havent heard it yet, selalu lupa nak letak dlm kete, what a waste, need to make a point to do it later today, come on lan, remember, remember....i have set a high expectation to this album, hope it wont disappoint me, please, cannot take the work anymore, need something to keep me cool..semayang la mamat!

think im done for today, continue later.

Friday, November 17, 2006

my name is

yesterday we had a company outing aka MyMovie to watch the premier of Casino Royale...it was sponsored by moto and i managed to bring yem as well as there are still some seats left for spouses and i managed to get hold on to one :)

i dashed out from the office at around 5pm in order to avoid traffic jam as the movie will start at 830pm at sunway pyramid...alhamdulillah we managed to balik rumah, mandi, makan and lepas solat maghrib, kami keluar rumah and we arrived at pyramid at around 8pm...so just nice..

as for the story, aku rasa it was a good movie...and ada all the elements, suspens, women, action, humor etc... "all in" la senang ckp...btw, i like the phrase "head on" waktu diaorg main poker tu...ntah la...tapi i would suggest that b4 watching this movie, cuba blajar how to play poker, at least we know what they're talking about...eh betul la poker kan ;)

another thing that i would like to point out is the official bond song for this one, sang by Chris Connell (when i heard this dlm wayang semalam, i thought wow its audioslave tapi sebenarnyer dia nyanyi solo) and its a great song! also, i really like the opening title...classis, spot on!

ps: apan, zan, rr, ojan -> have a nice trip for ur bachelor's outing :P sorry that i cant join

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

week46 of the year

wow...it has been sometime tak update...so, here's some compilation

on myself
today our motorola foosball match kicks off with a knock-out format..18 teams...1 cup...1 voucher :P and im one of the participants...

dah la tak selalu main, just for the sake of having fun...and the best part of it is we were drawn to play the first match against a well known team, consistently playing in the quaterfinals for the last 2 years ;)..so we just had a go..

best of 2 format, first set 5-1 (beaten) second set (5-0).. punyala power diaorg tu...tapi at least we kept on pushing and keep on at least a rally...a strategy that does not work :P tapi what the heck!

next up -> futsal (9th Nov)

on f1
i havent wrote much on f1 recently, due to ...u guys know why la... but i do try to keep myself updated with the latest news and today i found out something nice said by kimi aka the next world champion in the making (mark this one out)..

From now on, I will only see McLaren-Mercedes in my rear view mirrors!”...makan asap la kalau org melayu cakap :P

on everton
it has been quite disappointing to read about last weekends' football results, in everton's defence that is...kinda think of it, i think its better that we don't win the derby match cause by history, if we win a derby match, we will have a winless streak after that. which was the case this season, when we trashed liverpool by 3-0, we only managed to win a single match and that was against Sheff United...sob sob...

not only that, after watching everton get beaten by aston villa last weekend, now everton face another double blow, cahill is out due to his teammate's clumsy tackle...plus andy johnson inability to finish out the best chance of the night...the keeper beaten and he just kick the ball inches wide...uncharacteristic for him i guess.. but for me, this has something to do with the comments that 'haunts' him regarding his diving antics after the Sheff United, Arsenal, Fulham games...damn u managers! shut up and please focus on ur own players and not on others! im damn pissed...i think im blessed not to be working as a football manager, alhamdulillah!

so the next game is against Bolton, which we usually dont have a good record against them...but the only advantage that we have is playing at home...but if we cant get 3points on board from this game, i think it will be difficult, especially a back to back away matches against Charlton and Man United...i am predicting 5 points out of this 3 games..if not, dont dream of europe!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Skin And Bones - Releasing!

Foo Fighters - My Hero

This one is a solid one for an ccoustic version. The arrangement was awesome. Speachless. Foo Rocks!

Speaking of Foo, there will be a new album coming out. A live album that is. Apan, Skin and Bones is going to be released soon. I cant wait for this one, especially the DVD version.

SKIN AND BONES, Foo Fighters' first live album, captures the band's critically-acclaimed 2006 acoustic tour with 15 special performances of songs spanning the band's career. Available in stores on November 7th, SKIN AND BONES will be followed up with a DVD version in stores on November 28th.

The CD release of Skin And Bones will feature:>
1. Razor
2. Over & Out
3. Walking After You
4. Marigold
5. My Hero
6. Next Year
7. Another Round
8. Big Me
9. Cold Day In The Sun
10. Skin And Bones
11. February Stars
12. Times Like These
13. Friend Of A Friend
14. Best Of You
15. Everlong

The DVD version of Skin And Bones will include:
1. Intro
2. Razor
3. Over And Out
4. On The Mend
5. Walking After You
6. Still
7. Marigold
8. My Hero
9. Next Year
10. Another Round
11. See You
12. Cold Day In The Sun
13. Big Me
14. What If I Do?
15. Skin And Bones
16. Ain't It The Life
17. February Stars
18. Times Like These
19. Friend Of A Friend
20. Best Of You
21. Everlong

Monday, November 06, 2006

5th Nov 06

yesterday my baby girl turned 2! i cant imagine how fast time flies tapi tup tup she's already 2! dah besor anak daddy :)

anyways, yesterday we went to 2 open houses, gee's and saiful's..pitty that we didnt took any photos on any of the open houses...we did bring our camera but we totally forgot! tapi we had a good time even though there was quite a big hujan in the afternoon...

thanks GEE! thanks SAIFUL!

we went back home at around 8pm and after maghrib prayers we had a small birthday celebration with baby mia...i did compile a mov to capture this magic moment..please mind the 'garau' voice at the background :P

ps: note that when we started singing, mia was malu2 kucing :P

Friday, November 03, 2006

raya di kpg - part2

on the 3rd day of raya we went back to teping...and it took us around 5hours to arrive which i think quite ok as the road was not that jammed during that time...but its a different story altogether for my sister who was on her way back from teping to muar on the same day which took her 11hours! it was being contributed by the fact that there was a pajero on fire (police totally closed the road)..letih siot
then at teping, as usual, went to visit all of my uncles and aunties from both my father's and mother's side...then on saturday we went back to kl...penat la gaks...

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

raya di kpg - part 1

last raya we went back to jasin. we chow from puncak jalil at around 1130am on saturday hoping that everybody else went back to kampung after sahur..and alhamdulillah takder jem siot! then bila sampai jasin, we started to prepare la for raya..daging, bawang, bekas kuih etc.

then sampaila time raya...for me nothing much..sebab dah berumur la kot...rambut pun dah byk beruban...tapi for my kids, they has a very good time in kampung, with the chickens and cats :P

--to be continued (here is pics from jasin -part1)