Friday, November 23, 2007

'test is' fun?

arif..second single maksud ko yg "long road to ruin" ke? kalau yer..a ah..dah aku letak kat mytube nih on the right...the first tube ;)

btw, everton is playing sunderland this weekend at goodison park and i hope we can take all 3 points..please! but i found this article from a bit hilarious especially the mascot!

hmmm looks familiar :P huhuhuhu


Everton are delighted to support the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign.

Throughout this week the Blues are aiming to raise awareness of prostate, bowel and testicular cancer.

The charity was established in 2005 to highlight the growing number of men dying of testicular cancer in the prime of their lives. Acknowledging prevention and early detection of the disease is the one of the main objectives of the organisation – which has been awarded as one of the United Kingdom’s most innovative charities.

The other important aim of the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign is to help build a culture where embarrassment does not prevent men from addressing problems with intimate parts of their bodies.

The charity is currently touring the country raising awareness and Everton is one of their designated stops. During half-time of the Blues’ game with Sunderland on Saturday November 24, Mr Testicles – the charity’s mascot will be on the pitch at Goodison Park.

Patrick Cox, founder of the Male Cancer Campaign said: “Male Cancer Awareness Campaign would like to thank all the management, staff and players for their support and commitment.

“Everton have shown that its a Premier League club with balls - with so many supporters, the majority of them being men. Everton is looking after its supporters by insuring they are aware of Male cancer. With Everton’s support we hope to increase the awareness of prostate, bowel and testicular cancer and save lives and raise the funds needed to support our charity.”

Mark Rowan, Head of Communications, said: "We're pleased to be able to support this very important cause. It is vitally important to raise awareness regarding cancer in men."

For more information about the campaign, click here.

You can support male cancer awareness by making a single or monthly donation by clicking here.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


dono what to write this time...


i think i have lost my mojo..please dont!

received a call from mamaq last tuesday...he's asking me to give some kind of a motivational speech in front of around 300 UiTM tronoh's students plus lecturers...i definitely will get butterflies in my stomach...sumpah!

and he's looking for ex-UiTM IT students currently working in an IT industry to give the talk...the talk is planned to be held sometime after next year's chinese new year...dlm middle of february tul kan mamaq? so sapa2 yg meet the criterias above leh contact mamaq @ 0175817375

btw, mamaq managed to find my blog during his leasure time surfing the thats what lecturer's do during their free time eh!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


i know that this is an outdated news, but i bumped into these photos a few weeks ago which i found fascinating

do u guys remember that our pm went to kelantan to launch the E-CER (east coast economic region)? ya.. pak la-h went to kelantan to launch it last month if im not mistaken

its kinda weird seeing a bn leader coming to kelantan and also pak la-h even pegang tangan nik aziz! which i kinda think a bit astonishing. but i think its good for the nation especially for the malays!

coming back to the photos ive mentioned earlier, here it is...notice the seal at the pm's doors..


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

lelaki ini

last couple of weeks, maybank fortis did a jamuan raya at some hotel in kl and yem did went during lunch time..and during the jamuan, anuar zain performed as penyanyi jemputan...and u know what, yem did managed to snap a photo of him and her together! pergh..memang power bini aku nih!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

week-end never ends

something bout last weekend, and im looking forward for the next one :P

on friday night, went to azahar's house (ex-motorolan) just to ziarah as he calls it..its not an open house thingy, according to him ;) me and family arrived at his place at around 9pm as promised..and as usual, if u have azahar, u will expect to have fruits (ada epal, oranges etc)..he even treated us some fresh fruit juice; which according to him, does not contain additional sugar...awesome!

mon arrived a few minutes later...after some road finding efforts by him ( mon sesat kat kinrara! ), azahar came to the rescue and fetch him somewhere in usual, org bujang, makan lebih sikit la kan :) but we had fun especially meeting a friend we havent met for some time..

on sunday we went to eddie's house (adp3-ian) for his open house...kitaorg sampai dah agak lewat la..around 4pm camtu..luckily we saw mary, et, elly and wan...kalau tak macam mati kutu la sikit kot ;)

the food was great! ada beehon, nasik impit, rendang, kuih etc etc...memang besh...mana budak2 it yg lain? maybe tak sempat nak dtg kot...its ok, maybe next time! we had a solid 1 hour of eating and chit-chatting since dah lama tak jumpa... memang besh sessi jumpa-berjumpa nih!

thanks eddie!

the tuan rumah
dara pingitan :P
the couple
white and jean theme

Monday, November 05, 2007

appy 3rd birthday Mia

how time my baby girl is already 3 years old...i still remember dulu air liur dia selalu meleleh jer..and now she's more active than his brother!


and now (with her birthday present ;))

Friday, November 02, 2007

just photos

i actually dont have much to write for this post, but i like to post our raya photos back in perak...enjoy

aliff b4 the salam-salaman session aliff yg muka ngantuk
mak with a few of her cucus
as usual, the azlans
the azlans with supermom
the only single bro and sis
aliff getting the duit raya from pah

mia rocker getting her share