Tuesday, February 27, 2007

save the earth

when i saw these pictures, the first thing that come out from my mouth is "WOW!"

its just incredible...an earth image on an F1 cars is out of this world! in the world where money is everything (which mean sponsorship is GOD) something like this is just unbelievable...

honda is actually planning to create an awareness on environmental issue where they singled out global warming as the most talked about issue today...memang pun, dunia dah tak menentu, tempat tak pernah ada salji pun dah ada salji..and tak mustahil one day malaysia pun ada salji...

As part of the initiative, anyone will be able to pledge their support to Honda’s green commitment and make a donation to an environmental charity. Those doing so can get their name put on the car, with each name forming a tiny individual pixel which will help build the image of planet earth.

Those wishing to lend their support and get their name added to the RA107’s livery can do so by visiting www.myearthdream.com.


Friday, February 23, 2007

moto phone im craving for

i cant really wait for these phones to come out as i cant resist slider phones, especially with the razr concept! wonderfull!

motorizr z3

motorizr z8

Thursday, February 22, 2007

thats it moyes - you're out!

To me, that did not sound like a minority of people booing from the ground tonight. I, and now it seems the majority, have had enough of Moyes’s negativity. Why on earth he chose to send on Naysmith instead of his one and only other £700,000 midfielder I have no idea.

To finish a winnable game with 6 Defenders really does define David Moyes. Others may say don’t blame Moyes — he has a small squad — well whose fault is that? He knew this at the beginning of the season and knew it before the January window slammed shut.
Without Cahill and AJ he was found out badly tonight — granted not may teams can afford to lose such important players but to come up with tactics like he employed tonight shows that this manager is only fit for survival at best, has shown his true self and has taken Everton as far as he can go.
I am sick of him — but why bother voicing disgust because we are stuck with him? He will never get sacked — unless the pressure mounts and the fans consistently express their disapproval and vote with their feet. People are really getting pissed off with this guy now and tonight shows that I am certainly not in the minority when I say that perhaps it is time for a change as Moyes does not share the Everton philosophy.
People will say who are you going to bring in? Well someone with balls and someone who is prepared to throw everything at teams coming to Goodison and give them a hard time, someone who will bring in a winger to provide for our forwards and someone who will play a fit forward at home, not leave him on the bench and go for the jugular and not get hung up about reaching the 'Magical 40 point' mark and try to protect a 1-1 at home at the start of the second half. The Watford game now takes on massive significance — it is shit or bust as far as any aspirations of Europe are concerned.
ps: You've embarassed us Moyes, and your timing couldn't have been worse. Nice one.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

chinese new year

wow...what a long leave i had, even though some of them are unintentional...seminggu beb tak mai opis...memang beshs...

one 14th last week, i had to take emergency leave sebab aliff demam panas since sunday (on 14th, kira dah cukup 4days)...and the temperature did go up to 41deg cel...at first we just tought it was a normal fever tapi after 4days of on and off fever, we've decided to take aliff to see his pediatrician kat sjmc...

after doing some checkup, including taking some blood samples, nak check kalau2 ader denggi fever ke...doctor has decided to admit aliff...so yem and myself pun kena duduk la sepital for 3days...hari sabtu baru boleh keluar....his fever was actually disebabkan oleh jangkitan kuman dia ruang nasal dia...no wonder he slept berdengkur..big time plak tuh...sebab dia kena nafas kot mulut...sian2

tapi alhamdulillah dia dah sehat and but he still needs to come back for a follow-up this friday..insyaallah sume ok...

disebabkan tu he didnt make it to school for 3 days and on friday his headmaster called me to fetch his homework...mak datuk, budak darjah satu pun tak byk camtu...memang mencabar la aku rasa...

on another totally different story, this morning when i came into the office, azahar called me to inform that our ex-motorolan Zamri has passed away this morning at around 8am due to heart attack! ya allah muda lagi tuh...37 years old kena heart attack...betullah org ckp, mati tak kira tempat, umur etc...bila dah sampai, sampailah ia...

from a realiable source mentioned that allahyarham sakit dada early in the morning at around 4am and his wife took him to ampang puteri...doctor confirmed he had a heart attack and they immediately decided to have an operation...it is mentioned that he had 3 blood vessels blocked but the operation only managed to unblock 2 of them...tapi tak sempat for the 3rd one, he had another attack which took his life...mohon agar rohnya di rahmati allah swt..



Thursday, February 08, 2007


i should have written this long time ago but tak sempat...we had a family trip together with my in laws to langkawi early january...we went to langkawi via air asia and stayed at awana porto malai..

we booked the air ticket exactly 9months before the trip..yem punya keje la ni...carik ticket yg rm9 punya pasal...tapi alhamdulillah the air ticket were cheap and i think its worth it to book it 9months earlier...at least boleh buat early preparations :)

b4 the trip, we also booked a stream which costs us rm160 per day...since we have 8 of us, we had to carter a bigger car, thus the stream...tapi memang a good experience la dpt drive a stream...memang berbeza ngan proton...hehehe...tapi apakan daya, tak mampu siot nak beli.. syukur ngan apa yg ada :)

our trip was great...we sampai langkawi jer, the stream was already waiting for us at the airport and we went straight to the hotel..checked-in, lepak japs..then off we went ronda2 the island...

i have a friend working in langkawi as a ADO (asisstant district officer) tapi during my stay there, he was quite busy with a lot of royal and government visitors that he had to accompany..so tak kesah...maybe next time...but he did recommend a place to eat at night..i cant actually recall the name of the restaurant but its somewhere near the old "idaman suri"

speaking of "idaman suri", they have moved to a new building, bigger and more comfortable than the old place..and mcm biasa, yem spent quite a chunk of time there browsing and buying pinggan mangkuk...sudu garpu senduk and such..

i just worry that those things will be broken sebab nak naik flight, they all can just throw those things around...tapi alhamdulillah when we board the plane, we managed to inform the ticket counter of the fragile stuff we had and to our pleasure, all of our fragile stuffs are all in one piece when we landed in kl! thanks air asia!

looking forward for another trip...insyaallah