Thursday, May 24, 2007

forza milan

comeback? what comeback?

miracle only happen once! (betul ker grammar nih)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


last weekend we went to klcc just for window shopping...i as always ikut jer la nak pegi mana pun asal tempat tu tak jem, susah carik parking cam mid valley...kalau nak pegi jugak make sure keluar awal and sampai sana dlm kul 10-11 camtu...kalau tak, tak payah! huhu
on the way, near the bukit jalil park, yem saw this...we have everton here in malaysia...even on chairs huhuhu... check this out... tak sangka lak ada kerusi jenama everton, color biru lak tu! i bet there wont be any liverpool chair, rite? :P
also, when we were at this sg besi airport, we saw this signboard "SMART TUNNEL" and i said to yem, lets give it a try! so apa laga...well i can say that its smooth, maybe now its less people using it...kurang jam and dia exit kat dpn rhb jln tun razak...cuma jln dia bukan tar, its in concrete..maybe in the longer run ada impact ker tayar kot....tapi tak tau la.. hopefully the toll is not that high, especially for frequent users..power to the people!

Friday, May 18, 2007

kejor yob kejor

sah? sah!

ni la perkataan yg biasa tok imam akan tanya lepas lafaz nikah..dah byk kali aku dgr mende ni...first hand experience was the best la. gelabah, takut, cuak, everyting all in one! other experiences were being the people attending the ceremony..waktu adik, abang, kakak aku kawin la..

but now, our beloved prince is married to a cute, cun, cantik, anggun (pilih mana yg berkenan) girl ..also a perakian! great choice!

me, being a perakian, memang bangga with our king and the kerabats..especially Sultan Azlan la, with these reasons to name a few:

-having the same name as him (not a coincidence)
-having white hair as him (but not as much :P)
-being a perak born son-being a son of a perak guy (my dad is from changkat jering..byk kebun deroyan yob :P)
-being a son of a perak lady (my mom is from kuala kangsar..bandar diraja ;))
-been to a famous english school -famous with rugby (king edward VII
-been to sekolah that bears king's/my name (Sekolah Raja Tun Azlan Shah)

and another thing to be proud of, raja nazrin as u all know, tak nak pakai duit kerajaan and he just wanted to have a small and simple ceremony...also he barred all advert to congratulate him...he wants those money is spent on the development of the that what I call "Raja berjiwa Rakyat"..

Thursday, May 17, 2007

RAZR 2 Preview

This is the review of the phone...slick and cool! for me at least ;)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

mobile experience

today i would like to talk about motorola handphones, since yesterday in new york, motorola unveiled new handsets to the world...and their coming to asia, and i hope malaysia skalik as early as july...

and this time, motorola launched a new upgraded razr, the first glance of it, it still has its original predecessor's look and feel...but when looked at it in detail, you will notice some difference especially "its thinner than its predecessor" WOW! memang nipis gilos siot..

this time around, since it has lose its marketshare to its competitors which leads to the company to downsize its workforce, it is concentrating on the "user experience" rather than the "fashion"..putting it in another way round, its actually focussing on the software side of it, but also using the strong foundation of the earlier slick look of the razr..

they've also launched the Q8 (ala2 blueberry, but better :P), Z8 (a slider phone ive shown in this blog b4) and another rokr (similar look as the z3)..all in all, im planning to buy a new phone by the end of the year, so thinking of waiting for it to come over to malaysia..tapi the price might be the penghalang...aduh jgn la mahal sgt please!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

f1 to catalunya

Looking forward to this week's spanish gp as ferrari tries to open the gap between the front runners; especially the mclarens or fernando alonso and the young hamilton..also there is a news that spain is going to organize another new spanking road circuit (spanking to the singaporeans la i mean-harap2 fia taknak organize another road circuit in singapore since dah ada 2 nih) in valencia starting next season and being dupped as the european gp (the last european gp was in germany)..i dont think there is a coincidence...shumy -> germany ... alonso -> spain...hmmm nice..

tapi what captures my attention for this coming weekend race (apart from the technical upgrade of the teams especially the ferraris - expect some visual modifications to the bodywork of the ferraris) is the motorhome of the participating teams...yes...even motohome is important, it represents the team!

ferrari, as always would like to make its motohome the best, simple as that...and how do u do that? well, simple..just make it the tallest of them all...macam citer fairy tail theather dulu2.."who's the fairest of them all"..."snow white is the fairest of them all" absoulte smashing! expect mclaren to make major changes to its motohome this coming june/july timeframe...and make the rest of the field looks out of fashion/time..delete as appropriate ;)

i simply love this "i can do better than that" philosophy..

red's new motohome
twin towers anyone? - williams
reigning worldchamp motohome - what an old look kinda motohome
i like this one, like a space capsul - bmw sauber petronas
the tallest of them all


Thursday, May 10, 2007

yet again

its the same thing again...another project is closing down, transitioning to china, again!
why a lot of companies nowadays love to move their businesses over to china? i dont really
understand it...

yesterday, i had a feature meeting with this software engineering department guy (requirement person) from beijing, i dont understand what he says at all...really! and the best part is, he also doesnt know what most of us (including people from india and uk) was saying...its like chicken and ducks takling to each other...

he kept saying "i donta understanda whata youa saya, cana youa repeata?" memang mengecewakan...

lastly, we just say to him that we will send our comments via mail which hopefully he can understand and update the requirement as requested.sigh...

having said that, gsm test in malaysia is transitioning to china, and by end of sept, the headcount will be, where do we go from here? we have been told during a meeting earlier this week that another high cost center which is in canada is going to close down, and we're going to pick up the project...namely gems (government enterprise mobility crap) and mobile device...another crap :P

gonna have to learn new things again! but a good thing bout this is the possibility of flying to montreal to transition the project..huhuhu

Monday, May 07, 2007

mia in hospital

wow..lamanyer tak update blog nih...

anyways, during the week b4 the long holidays (i was on leave during the labor day holidays)..damia was being admitted to the damansara specialist center..punyalah jauh dari rumah kitaorg...actually we went to sjmc b4 but the thing come again and this time its we've decided to go and see a chest specialist (aliff dulu pernah pegi)

damia actually had a bronkitis (kalau frequently dapat this penyakit, we will then call it asthma) and since this is the first time dia kena, so we decided to treat this seriously so that dia tak kena lagi...and alhamdulillah after duduk there for 3 1/2 days there, we was being discharged with clear lungs...alhamdulillah... and during our stay there, the doctor didnt do any physiotheraphy where sjmc would usually do...i dont know, maybe this is more to the doctor's preference..i definitely prefer without it bcause ive seen aliff went through it...nangis siot nengok dia kena camtu...

and bila kena duduk kat damansara tuh, jauh betul nak pegi keje...yem kena cuti the whole week kitaorg duduk myself literally keje half day jek the whole week...informed my boss bout it, and he said ok as long as my work is done :)

anyways, she's now up and running, literally :) but we still need to continue her medication; the puffs mcm org kena asthma tu and some other ubat makan...doa2 she will not get it anymore...also, thanks to rosnah for coming and visit us! really appreciate it! damia siap panggil belon yg ko kasik tu, "belon yg auntie rosnah kasik tuh" :)

-mia yg dah sihat sebelum discharge
-abang pun tumpang skalik