Monday, October 29, 2007


anak sapa la ni...

on saturday, my auntie in subang jaya invited me to her house for an open house...her house is actually the place where i stayed right after i finished my university studies, for some who does not know this..

i stayed at my auntie's place when i started working with TAB...i remembered waking up early in the morning and had to cross the big road just in front of the ss15 maybank...then will need to take any of metro busses going to kl...had to stop just in front of mid valley...and then had to cross the federal highway and wait for another bus going to taman may sound susah but it is even worse to actually doing it...with the long queue (eh..ada queue ke malaysia nih? :P)..

but the most difficult thing is going back la..especially during ramadhan...the bus conductor even supplied us with some sweets for us to buka posa sebab memang jam tak hingat!
enuf of this old story, tapi later that day, we went to ghaz's open house cum house warming cum sessi jumpa budak2 lama.. i think he invited business students and not the whole of adp3, and since yem is business students, aku pun kena pegi la :P

his house is somewhere near pandan perdana area..a new condo..sorry, i rephrase, a newly renovated condo unit! aku lupa lak nak tanya berapa dia abis buat interior sume tuh...sure mahal nye! power la lu ghaz! there was suhardi (bukan budak business :P), zan azli, chicken, nizo (anak bini tinggai :P), man kot*, aje, amy, etc. etc yg aku tak berapa ingat nama...thanks for the nice food ghaz!

couldnt make it to the tongs session with apan, zan, rr at bangsar sebab aku still ada kat tesco time tu and cam dah penat, kena anto diaorg balik dulu, pastu nak pegi bangsar pulak cam jauh :P...maybe next time ya! lama siot tak tongs sama-sama..rasanyer last skali kat nz, tu pun dah bertahun kot!

rumah ghaz from the pintu masuk

nisa, zan, chick
adi and nizo yg penat berposing
the azlans
aliff trying to be a photographer :P

sunday morning, pegi pasar beli ration utk sebulan...aku skrg dah pandai pegi sendirik..carik sotong, udang, ikan, daging, sayur, etc huhuhuhu...memang dah tua dah aku ni rupanye..and dah gemok (how i wish :D)..

and at around noon, since we dont have any open house to attend, aku decided to check out our bilik stor, which i suspect dah ada anai2..and to my horror, memang dah berduyun2 buat sarang kat khazanah almari aku tuh! so kena buat operasi bersihkan bilik la plak! it took me and my mom 5 hours to clear the "thing"! a number of my ppp books dah hancur kena makan..including 2 old alqurans! hangin aku... and yg paling sedih, semua magazine f1 aku yg dari tahun 2000 rosak! tak sempat aliff nak baca! thought of simpaning and sell it off in the future (a lot of the magz was during shumy's prime time!) memang rugi aku!

today, i straight away called the pest control to make an appointment utk teach the anai2 a lesson..insyaallah anai2 ni leh dibunuh..takut gak merebak pi bilik2 lain...

done with the physical works in the afternoon, yem and myself prepared ourselves for a kenduri kawin function kat jln subang airport..cant recall the place "the xxx resort" or something..boss dia got married..her boss is a 38 year old bachelor yg kawin dgn budak 24 year old...pergh!!!! waktu boss dia form 2 bini boss yem tu baru lahir siot!

Friday, October 26, 2007

foo is back - when r they comin to kl?!!

if u guys dont know bout this, foo fighters has released a brand new has been released in september, and since it was in the month of ramadhan, i didnt want to change the mytube section just yet :P

therefore, now, i have updated the mytube section on the left to share with u guys on the:

1. the making of "The Pretender" part 1

2. the making of "The Pretender" part 2

3. the video of "The Pretender" itself

i dont know bout u guys, but i really looooove this music video...especially the part where the thing explode! simply awesome! foo all the way!

astro weakness

im sorry that i havent have the time to upload my raya photos here yet...hope to do it early next week... have been busy lately..

havent i told u guys that i have moved to a new team as the gsm team has been officially closed down? i guess not..the work is already transferred to china and the're fully responsible for the gsm future works.. and now im in the VoIP team..doing testing as well..but since this is a newly setup team, all of use; which is 7 of us here in malaysia, needs to setup the whole architechture within the cyberjaya office building..we will be using ip phones as well as dual-mode phone, or in other words, a phone that can work on both the mobile network (gsm/umts/cdma) and wifi..kinda interesting but its still in early stages where a lot of physical work and reading is required...ngantuk beb!

another thing that i would like to share out is yesterdays uefa cup game between the blues and larissa; an outfit from greece who have ousted blackburn last time around..but luckily enough, this game will be played at goodison park..

ive read in the newspaper that the live matches for this round of uefa cup is only covering the spurs and bayerns' games...but i kinda tak puas hati or percaya and i stayed up untill around 12pm..

btw, do u guys notice that when we try to view the GUIDE via astro for future programs, astro only allow us to view future programs up until 12midnight shows..meaning to say that if im trying to see a future program at around 3am, i can only do that after 12pm! bodoh tull..thats why i've waited till midnight just to see this!

but to my agony, there will be no live of delayed telecast of the everton game! what a disgust! i dont mind if the game is played at ukraine like last time or something, but this is played in the UK! what a waste!

but, still thinking and believing that there will still be delayed forecast sometime of the day, i browsed through via the programming guide...and to my delight, there will be a delayed telecast at 520pm...

hmmmmm....have to go back early then! :P

we won the game 3-1 by the way; with cahill on the scoresheet! what a fairytail return for him!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

welcome back!

wow..punya la lama tak berblogging..raya mood punya pasal sampai malas nak update blog..

aku masuk keje ari senin ari cuti 10hari utk raya..memang raya sakan..balik teping, jasin, pegi ziarah rumah sedara sana sini...memang milage kete tu naik tak hingat dunia..takpe yg penting dpt jumpa sedara2 yg lama dah tak jumpa...

tapi seriously aku takder idea nak tulis apa buat masa ni...the only thing that comes across my mind right now is raikkonen is world champ! tak kira la appeal mclaren tuh success ke tidak, tapi i think this is some sort of balasan for last season where with 2 races to go, and schumy is leading the race, the engine gave up...which give alonso the upper hand..he only needs 1 point for the last race and he duly collected it! memang bitter pill to swallow..tapi this season is more interesting, kimi beats the 2 mclaren cars!

and the next one is definitely regarding the derby game last weekend...memang bias tul referee tuh! soooo used to losing but this time, it really makes my head blow! what can i say...the damn big 4 clubs are the gods of the premier league...sigh

Thursday, October 11, 2007

slamat ari raya!

Selamat Hari Raya Suma..
Maaf Zahir Batin...and Drive Safely.
Aku insyaallah akan bertolak pagi esok lepas sahur (12th Oct) - harap2 tak nampak anak bulan lagi :P And we will be staying at Kak Long's house (kat Selama Perak) instead of going back to Taiping. This year, everyone will be here except for Kak Ina and family. Takpe, insyaallah nanti kotaorg pi rumah Kak Ina k!
We will then go back to KL probably petang raya Kedua. Then on the third day balik Jasin lak. And we will see when we think fit to go back to KL...of course to beat the jam!
So, see u all soon insyaallah..and jgn lupa posa 6!