Monday, May 25, 2009

8th and going strong

Happy 8th Anniversary!

Pergh..memang tak sangka dah lapan tahun aku kawin..rasa mcm semalam jek :P
Tapi alhamdulillah dah sampai tahap ni...insyaallah sampai akhir hayat..

To Yem,
I dont have much to say except that I love you soo much. Thanks for being there when I needed you. yg ke-empat? :P

Monday, May 18, 2009


on one lovely saturday morning few weeks back, i washed the car as usual (bukan every week la, tapi maybe sebulan sekali ;)), then in the afternoon, i felt this one pain yg kinda kuat jgk la on my chest...rasa mcm something tengah tindih my dada and this pain stays till the next morning..

and from that day onwards, my breath mcm tak puas...bila nak bernafas dalam2...1 dalam 5kali mesti mcm tak habis or puas...tak sure whats the reason..tapi informed my sis and she asked me to come to hkl and do some went to hkl, did xray, amik darah, did ECG...the blood test looks fine, my lungs nampak abit inflated, my ECG "tak berapa cantik" sis decided to refer me to a kardiologist..

since rumah dekat ngan serdang and she has a friend kat situ, she referred me to hospital serdang...went there and did another ECG...then had to de "stress test" and ECHO...

the ECHO looks fine except that one of my injap mcm ada "mild" prob whereby bila darah flow one way, dia akan patah balik sikit...but the doctor said this is not worrying..

stress test pulak memang stress siot..kena jln aka lari around 12mins in 4 stages...each stage around 3 mins..starting dari berjalan, then ala2 lumba jalan yg kena goyang bontot tu...then hampir2 kena jogging la lebih kurang...during that 12mins ordeal, dia akan consistently check BP and ECG reading akan diambik....

i can see my jantung beat up until around 90%..memang stress siot...tapi alhamdulillah sume pun ckp stress test "normal" whats wrong?

now they suspect something to do with my lungs...they're referring me to the lungs specialist..tapi still waiting or queueing with the other patients...will only know in 1 week time...
doa2 kan aku sihat sume amin....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

another round of updates ;)

tengah geram! my casio camera punya lense buat problem...last time dah kena lagik...malas nak skrg pakai yem punya hp's camera..kalau tak kena beli baru la plak...

March 09
This is an update for the month of dah jadik mcm summary of my diary jek...huhuhu..nvm...janji ada update :P

pegi nengok hot air balloon since dah duduk dekat, tapi kitaorg tak berenti pun..just pass by jek..tapi memang cun la balloon 2 diaorg tu...canggih!

kopi secawan?

went to zoo negara...this is the first time i came to zoo negara, as far as i can remember la...brought the kids along...had fun..

damia yg takut nak pegang

damia dah penat jln

aliff yg kurus :P

masuk2 dah nengok zirafah

April 09

kak cik came to kl but stayed in one of the hotels near the subang airport...went to see ngan budak2 tu apa lagi..swimming pool daddy!

damia posing

aqeel nak main gelongsor

gigi susu

kakak yg jaga adiknyer

Damia's sports day...had it kat cyber komuniti aka taman tasik..boleh la..and she did play a game and kinda a team that is!

with ihsan...

line up kids!

during the perbarisan

the spectators!

just arrived...


Happy mother's day!
Jumpa mak in the afternoon kat kenduri abg afen...alhamdulillah sihat...went to alam*anda or chakri express for dinner with both of my moms!

eye of the tiger :)

aqeel pun nak makan gaks

makan susu that is ;)

laparnyer..sampai grill pun makan