Tuesday, October 31, 2006

raya di moto

ni gambo2 aku bila moto buat some event pasal raya hari tu...me in green...

probably tomorrow i will pun in my photos during my raya in kampung, it might be exhaustive..


wow...punya la lama cuti...start keje semalam mail melambak2...TO kena verify by this week..machine hari ni baru dapat! hai byk keje la plak minggu ni...takder, redha jer..

how was my raya? well alhamdulillah sume ok ...tapi maybe i will share my raya experience in my next entry...as for this one, we stick to the above topic :P

my first month as a GSM tester was quite boring, training, manual, slides...naik mengantuk...but a guy has to do what a guy has to do, rite! so i just went through it la...alhamdulillah probably i got some new knowledge...amin..

and now im assigned to verify a TO which will be delivered to a customer from mana ntah...and i can only find a machine today which i tried to find since b4 raya lagi..punya la susah...cork was on hols yesterday...they've given me a machine but they forgot to inform me the login detail! mangkuk tul...tapi after a few guesses, i managed to login..and here i am, testing this TO. insyaallah i can finish it by thursday, thats my target..amin!

cerita pasal org cork, here is a photo of my boss...the one on the right...the other 2 gals are the tech leads...ntah2 baya2 aku kot..

Friday, October 20, 2006

Iklan Raya Petronas 2006

Sedih la nengok iklan dia ni...doa2 harap simpangkan. amin!

Think this is the last blog until balik raya nanti. C Ya!

Thursday, October 19, 2006


since today is already thursday (26th ramadhan) and i will be on leave from saturday to next sunday...i would like to wish everybody selamat hari raya dan maaf zahir dan batin!

kalau aku ader terbuat/sengaja buat salah, terpinjam/sengaja pinjam tapi tak kasi balik, tercakap/sengaja cakap, terkutuk/sengaja mengutuk, terlawak/sengaja buat lawak tapi kdg2 tak jadik :P tu, aku mintak maaf banyak2...dan mintak halalkan...jgn simpan dihati yee..

aku plak maafkan sapa2 yg bersalah ngan aku sebelum ni :P dan aku halalkan sume insyaallah!we will be going back to jasin this coming saturday insyaallah dan doakan perjalanan kami selamat pergi dan pulang, amin! then on 3rd day raya insyallah balik teping plak...

so nanti kalau sapa2 nak buat open house jgn lupa call aku k :P

orait, berhemah dijalan raya dan SELAMAT MENYAMBUT HARI RAYA!

ps: this blog will not be updated sampai habis cuti raya nanti ;)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

poliskl bk

just like to share this with u guys especially for people who're staying in KL and planning to balik kampung this coming hari raya holidays... u guys can sms to rakancop to inform them that you'll be out of town and hopefully they will make rounds to your house during your outing...

i tried this last year and they did really come over to my house and round...they did even call me bila ive already arrived in KL to make sure that the house is ok... alhamdulillah sume ok...

so tahun ni the same thing, tapi kita just boleh usaha, tapi serahkan pada allah utk melindungi kita, insyallah

here are the steps u can do to send the sms for balik kampung:

Untuk menghantar maklumat menerusi SMS perlu menghantar ke nombor 32728 dan orang ramai hanya menaip pada mesej:


CONTOH - POLISKL <> BK <> SYARIFAH MAZLYN BT SYED MAHMUD <> 741206-14-5634 <> No.40, Jalan Rambai, Taman Jaras <> 9/2-13/2 <> 32728/DAPAT


Monday, October 16, 2006

playing NOW!

yesterday i was browsing a page where people were discussing on how to embed an mp3 file to a website and after a few trial and error i managed to embed one of my own into my blog!

so from today onwards, i will be having a new column on the right hand side of my blog just under my profile to play the music of the day. i put it as music of the day cause if i put it as music of the month, i must change every month. so in order to avoid such a restrictions (any day will do), i put it as music of the day..

this player will auto play the song in the background so that u can browse/read/comment my blog with a music to hear to...happy listening!as for my first song, i got this from gee, since this is a new song yg glamer, i hope this will entertain people entering my site especially u Gee :P

PS: mana nak carik mp3 songs eh? korang mesti tau nyer...share la ;)

Friday, October 13, 2006

we dont get this in the newspaper

this is actually taken from the official everton fc webpage. no offence to the ladies but we cant get this from the newspaper, not in Malaysia i think...not so sure bout the papers in the UK..probably they have...

its quite interesting to take notice of the ladies progress as they also have the ladies world cup, excuse me.. :) and some of the players, are from the evertonian side :)

further more, i dont dare to bet on Malaysia (1st team mind you) if there will be such games set between these girls and the man's malaysian team :) (is there any ladies team ker malaysia ni?)


Everton have been handed ahome clash with Chelsea in the FA Womens Premier League Cup.
The Toffees progressed with a 2-0 win over Bristol Academy in the previous round.

Everton were due to meet the Londoners in the League this weekend, but that game has been postponed as Chelsea have County Cup commitments.

That means Everton's next scheduled game is against Arsenal on October 22.
The Premier League Cup game will be played on Sunday, November 5.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


video ni tunjuk pemergian seorg tok guru..betapa mudahnyer nak meninggal ni.. anytime anywhere

moga2 kita tergolong dlm org yg beriman..amin

Monday, October 09, 2006

a race to remember - NOT

well, what a week for f1 world when on saturday, everything looked ok and promising for the german but everything turned upside down come sunday.. (photo:- alonso doing a karate-kid :P)

with schumy and massa qualified on the first row of the grid and the renaults on the third row of the grid, plus a good start to the red cars, everything looks perfect..up untill lap 13 or something, massa had a puncture and had to pit early...and to make it worse, he came out just behind heidfeld who is in a longer stint than his...and this makes it possible for alonso to leapfrog him to second place...

at this point, i was thinking, ok...at least we have another red car in front and most crucially in front of the defending world champ alonso...

come second round of pit stop, alonso came in to pits first, and everything looks ok for him...and 3 laps latter, the leading red comes in...and he come out of the pits around 10s in front of the renault, and 10s is actually quite a hugh margin in f1...

i was just releaved to see this, but just a couple of laps later, the tv showed a smoked red car and to my nightmare, it was shumy's ferrari and not massa, as i hoped for...shumy's out! and fernando comes out on top of the podium...what a bitter pil to swallow!

due to these 2 upside down races (chinese and japanese GP), i would like to do some comparison as some said that there are some similarities between the two races, but i think its not. Look at the CAPITAL letter for comparison...

Quali: Renault got an upper hand during quali where alonso qualified 1st and shumy 5th..Race: Shumy won the race and alonso finished 2nd. This is due to Renault's MISTAKE where the only changed alonso's front tyres plus some MISTAKE by renault's pit crew during a pit stop

Quali: Ferrari got an upper hand during quali where shumy qualified 2nd and alonso 5th..Race: Alonso won the race and shumy DNF. This is due to ENGINE FAILURE and not MISTAKE by the team.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

anakku rambut panjang :P

saje postkan gambo aliff...skrg kitaorg tengah nak decide whether to cut his hair or not..or myabe just trim it for hari raya??? any suggestion? :P

our initial plan is to cut his hair short after raya..but his datuk will sound daddy aliff la "apa rambut panjang ni?" even there was one time when aliff fell down waktu tengah main, datuk dia siap ckp "ha...tu la pasal, rambut panjang sampai tutup mata, tu yg jatuh tu". and again, daddy aliff buat dono jer sambil tersengeh...insyaallah 2007 dah rambut pendek dah!

tapi damia nyer rambut dah semakin panjang. maybe now its a bit kacau her mata a bit, but i think on the long run would be ok...amin

Monday, October 02, 2006

a race to remember

what a race to cap off the weekend! it was rather stunning, cunning and booming win for shumy who, started the race from 6th place (due to inferior tyres of the bridgestone during quali in the wet)! -notice the photo above where shumy overtake alonse and notice the tryes. alonso is still on intermediate and scumy is already in dry! strategist at work!

what makes it sweater is the manner he muscularly, manuever his car past 5 cars especially fisico and alonso! what a skill.. he's truly a king (in F1 that is :P)!

to whomever missed the race, you better watch the highlights or the replay of the race on ASTRO...as you wont get any better race than this one, believe it!

on second occasion, i was very frustrated to watch the everton game last weekend...i actually watch a delayed telecast at 1230am..i intentionally didnt see the FINAL SCORE program just before the start of the game..sebab tak nak tau result, baru mcm tengok live :)

after the first half, everton 1 - man city 0! memang best...tapi bila dah masuk the last 10min of the game, man city threw everything ...and i was like "what the hell"...the defenders was superb that night but below par during the last 10mins...they panicked! and to make the matter worst, 94min, man city scored...the last touch of the game...punyala anti-climax! its definitely 2 points lost!

one good point regarding this game is johnson! he is really a natural born goalscorer! we're rally glad that he's an evertonian!

tapi i understand this is a season long game, but i hope this 2points lost will not be the reason why everton does not quali for europe next season!