Friday, June 20, 2008


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it has been very hectic in the office last few weeks...but one thrusday we had a farewell lunch for a team member of mine in alamanda...i am not really a fan of farewells sebab kena keluar duit sendiri siot..i remember last time in she*l, all expenses are ditanggung oleh boss...but that was in the past...tinggal kenangan jer la..

and today is her last day in moto..she has been here for 8years already and its kinda sedih gakla otai2 ni blah..tinggai org2 muda jek..bila pk2 balik, bilalah time aku plak :P
semenjak duduk moto ni, dah melambak farewell aku attend..byk kawan2 dah blah...kalau aku nak sebut kat sini memang penuh satu page aku rasa... :(

anyhow, we managed to take photos of our team, in alamanda as well as in the office...we also have some candid photos ...huhuhu (landen yg kena control gigi)

demam euro....asal landen kena peluk tuh? :P
secret recipe yum yum
dono how to pose dy
apa? tak dengar la...
farewell gift..siap ada no phone tuh

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


fast forward (from my last entry la btw), last weekend, we had our motomovie aka mini family day at sunway pyramid...motomovie is actually an event where all of moto employees in klang valley go out for a movie and this time, its crunch time -- The Incredible Hulk !

and to make it more exciting, the organizers organized a mini family day where employees can bring their spouse and kids to watch the they also arrange a treasure hunt for the adults plus a coloring contest for the kids..

the coloring contest starts at 915am and the show starts at 11am.. and for the first time, we registered aliff and mia for the coloring contest just for fun, just to make them mix around and let them know what does it feel being in a contest ...both of them are grouped under Group A (4,5,6 years old)..

once aliff and mia we are done with their masterpiece, we proceed to the wayang hall and to our surprise, aliff won 2nd place! wow! this is definitely an achievement...he even say to me this

"daddy, teacher parames mesti suka kan"

the reason being is that, teacher parames was his teacher when he was in puncak jalil qdees, and teacher parames always say that his coloring is BAD! tapi memang betul pun, color ikut nak cepat jek..camne nak cantik one year gone, he can still remember this...memang budak2 ni ingat betul eh... but i am a proud father that day, he even managed to salam our country manager :P as for mia, dpt la jgk consolation prize ..tapi im still proud of my two kids :D

note: daddy and mummy forgot to bring their camera! teruk tul la kitaorg nih! tapi ni dpt gak gamba dari cameraman moto

as for the movie, i would say that this hulk is much much better than the first one...this new hulk likes to pow wow and crush here and there and memang banyak action! tak rugi tengok! but seriously, im bad in giving reviews! :P

mia yg asyik mengaler
can u see me at the back there? kat bucu bilik :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


it has been more than one month since i last update my has been work, work, work, office, office, office...penat siot..even jawa wrote that i have been away "buat anak" lagi :P tapi seriously, takder la "buat anak"...kena "puasa" 100 hari kan..huhuhu

well...there are alot of events that happen during the last one month and i dont even know where to start..memang kalau dah tinggal lama susah nak start balik, org kata :) lemme start with my new kid, aqeel..

alhamdulillah, he has been a very well behaved baby compared with my 2 earlier babies :Phis biological clock matches our working lifestyle where he will sleep at night and wake up in the morning...bila malam jek, dia mula ngantuk..dukung kejap pastu terus tido..ada la sekali-sekala dia buat hal..but overall, more than satisfied!

he has also been gaining weight, but not as much as our two kids, probably because aqeel hisap susu gantung 100% kot...yem has been pumping the milk since b4 she started working (one half of the fridge is full of her milk)..thanks to rosnah's advice la...memang berkesan la ros, pakai bekas plastik tuh...murah pun murah senang!

alahai :)
i think BIG!

24th june, which was during the school holidays, we went back to taiping for a family wedding, my sepupu. my sister booked seri malaysia for her stay there...its funny issint for a taiping family to sewa a hotel when they wanna go back hometown.. bukan apa, rumah kitaorg tu kitaorg sewakan utk buat taska, pastu rumah tu pun berabuk tak hingat (the rooms i mean) sebab taska tu sewa main hall jek, yg rooms sume kira tak sentuh la lebih memang kena tido rumah uncle/untie/hotel la jawabnyer... we stayed with our untie kat kampung boyan tu, senang sikit sebab ada anak kecik kan :) and since my sister sewa hotel, kitaorg pun pegi tumpang swimming pool dia la :P

since we are in taiping, kitaorg tak lepaskan peluang la utk makan popiah teping, cendol teping, murtabak teping..cuma tak sempat nak makan abc jek..

swimming free huhuhuhu
anak mummy
my mom yg beli murtabak teping! best beb
my sis and bro having a laugh
mummy at the kenduri..takkan nak kasik cap gantung plak kan :P
org kenduri, diaorg main plak