Tuesday, April 28, 2009

long holiday...from blogging

it is time!

pergh..how times pass...memang tak kesempatan nak berblogging...full! totally full! but i admit, bila dah lama tak blog, even if i have some free time, memang rasa malas nak mampus utk update...

i think for my first post since my long sabbatical, i will be sharing some photos ...hopefully it will cover the missing parts...

Since joining school, i am a full time driver! :P
here's my schedule for a normal day...

715am - send aliff to school
750am - send yem to ERL
810am - send damia to school
830am - arrive kat office
100pm - fetch aliff from school
200pm - send aliff to KAFA
230pm - arrive kat office
630pm - fetch yem from ERL

memang quater of my day kat on the road...not merungut but just sharing :)

pinknyer sampin :P

1. Damia got her first bike

Tak tau camne, tiba2 jek Damia saw this one kid cycling in our neighbourhood, dia terus mintak nak basikal sendirik. We tried to persuade her to wait for her birthday but she argued that her birthday is about 9months later; which does make sense :P Since dia selalunyer tak dpt any great hadiah from us, we decided utk belikan la dia basikal. She was very happy and now she would want to cycle most of the day :)

aliff yg skrg suka buat muka bila ambik gambo

first day dah leh kayuh...cayala

2. Aliff's sports day
Sekolah dia buat sports day kinda cepat jgk la. Dono when they practice tapi being a standard one student, dont think they did any practice anyway :P Since Aliff is not a sport kinda person, we did not expect him to do well ...tapi to our surprise, dia actually win something!...
hidup rumah kuning!
ketua kelas with his favourite teacher :P

waiting for his turn

3. Aliff's birthday

20022002 was his birth date..so dah tujuh tahun skg..cepat tul...had a birthday party at kak ura's place...has a splashing time...GO GREEN!!

cup cake tahun ni
before blowing the candles

ben 10...hero budak2 skrg

4. Yem went to Hong Kong

Yem was selected to go for a trip to Hong Kong..accompanying agents yg cemerlang and that includes Sandra..caya la Sand..tak sangka plak leh dpt pegi same trip ngan yem...tapi she had a trip to remember....cuma i had to look after Aqeel especially at night...memang experience yg tak dpt dilupakan...looking after ur 10month old baby :)

dgn sand
b4 the departure
aqeel tinggal rumah...sbb pagi sgt

jadi anak daddy la :)