Wednesday, December 26, 2007


landen-middle- sebelum memotong 2 sekali gus on this exact corner- nice!

i definitely have lost some of my mojos in updating this now im just layan jer la with the mood of not having anything to update kat blog nih..blame it to the holidays plus the year end mood!

tapi today i managed to get some adrenalin rush to write something...last week, on the 18th of dec, moto had a year end party! and luckily this year, instead of doing it at the building's basement (jimat ko by the way), they did it at kelab komuniti taman tasik cyber*jaya..

they were a few programs line-up for us, which includes; outdoor go-karting, indoor racing, indoor games (yuks) and futsal. and of course, i was very interested in playing the outdoor go-kart as this is my first time i was able to actually drive it..sebelum ni moto selalu buat kat f1 circuit sepang, so cam susah la plak nak pegi..

and drove i did! and tell u what, it was one hell of an experience! since the go-kart car tuh ada 4 bijik jer, so 4 drivers at one go la... kira ala2 heat la..and i managed to win my heat, damn! it was fun and i really enjoy the ride of just tekan and pusing stering! i think i definitely have what it takes to be an F1 driver except for my age..huhuhuhu

hmmm....aliff boleh ditrain! :P

landen waiting for his turn
landen posing with newbies
landen - far right - membalas sms bini! :P
yum yum - makan time

in another totally different story, congrates to nuar and dilla sebab dah anto cincin tanda..phewit! so insyaallah next year ada lah makan nasik minyak! dah beso adik aku sorang nih...

ps to wawa and kaki2 futsal: apa laga, jom la main futsal...tak kesah la pakai kasut jogging ka, kasut swimming ka, kasut golf ka, janji main!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

puss in boots

just now aku terjumpa this photo when i was browsing my laptop...this is the real SLIT FC! (not the top photo, but the one below :P) and I was one of the players too! dont ya believe it? memang besh siot time aku try nak listkan the players from left to right..

yanto, bang mat aka ladung, ayoi, dzul, bob, huzi, landen the winger, eron afrozal, shah, mamaq, fit

wawa aka triathlete, lan k, pyan gebu, bruce, john, sam yg suka dribble pastu tak mau pass kat member :P, jawa, punai

memang nostalgia betul la...main kat padang ppp tuh...pastu siap menang ngan budak engine lagik..sapa sangka!

now....where did i put my boots?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


The Worlds Best Kept Auto Secret?
taken from a friendly mail

I have been driving for over a decade. One would think I would have noticed the little secret on my dash that was staring me right in the face the whole time. I didn't and I bet you probably haven't either.

Quick question, what side of your car is your gas tank? If you are anything like me, you probably can't remember right away. My solution is to unco mfortably stick my head out the window, strain my neck and look. If you don't do this in your own car you definetly have done it in a borrowed or rental car.

Well ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to share with you my little secret so you will no longer look like Ace Ventura on your way to the gas station or put your neck at risk of uncomfort or injury (Aku memang experience yg ni waktu pegi cuti kat Langkawi...).

If you look at your gas guage, you will see a small icon of a gas pump. The handle of the gas pump will extend out on either the left or right side of the pump. If your tank is on the left, the handle will be on the left. If your tank is on the right, the handle will be on the right (see photo above). It is that simple!

I don't know how you feel right now but when I found out this morning I felt cheated!

Why don't the dealers share such importnant information with car buyers? I don't understand why this isn't in the drivers ed manual? I don't get why any mechanic I have ever been too or know has even thought of mentioning this to me? The only possible explantion can be that all these people probably don't even know!

Go out and share the worlds best kept auto secret with your friends as this is information is way too important to be kept secret......., maybe?