Wednesday, September 27, 2006

umts closing down...sob sob

its official! UMTS_Test is closing down! believe it!

bila dengor the news, (although i have heard it unofficially from counterparts in Cork), terasa tension pun ader, terasa bengang pun ader, terasa sedih pun ader :( tapi nak buat camne, motorola product is a crap i would conclude..

the decision has been made to slowly close down UMTS project as a whole, from SE, Dev, Test, CSIS etc... sebab takder customer...all this while we do have customers from Portugal (Optimus), China (Vibo), Kuwait (tak ingat apa nama company dah) tapi since motorola made a decision to partner with Huawei, all of them terus tak nak continue to use motorola anymore. what i heard is that they are willing to wait for the new product from Huawei.

so sekarang we're ramping down...and all of our team members (about 25 of us) are said to be moved to GSM. kira dah downgrade la from 3G to 2G :P tapi alhamdulillah dari takder keje :) and the first batch to move will be somewhere end of october (around 12 of us)..and the others will move in stages until end of the year..

having said that, currently we're just supporting our sole customer who're going to do a cutover from load .11 to load .18 end of october..and our immediate task now is to make sure the cutover is smooth..i doubt it :P

bila pikir2 balik, all this while (2 years) buat testing 3G, day in, day out, kejar dateline, keje long hours, weekends, raise a lot of issues, mcm for nothing, tapi berkat ramadhan ni :P aku syukur dgn apa aku dah least we found a lot of issues until the customer decided not to take our product :P so jadik dev memeng pressure siot!

i love testing! :D

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

selamat berpuasa

alhamdulillah dah today is the third day of puasa...syukur...tapi how fast time flies...sedar sedar dah 3rd day.

but i would say that malaysia is fed with a lot of advertisement of jualan hari raya even though we are just on the, what, first day of puasa! i think this is unnecessary but puting my shoes in their position, maybe i would do the same..tapi kita kena pikir gak, ramadhan should be the month that we've waited for and not hari raya...i agree that kita memang nak raya, but we also need to take the benefits that we get from this month in a max way possible.... insyaallah together we can do it

btw, yesterday we went to pasar ramadhan here in puncak jalil (with great expectation that is, since we do have pasar malam every saturday night...but to our frustration, only around 10-15 gerai opened and to make the matter worst, out of the 10-15 gerai, tak der pun yg jual kuih limas aka kuih sampan or something like that.. :(

so today, i hope we can try to go to kinrara's pasar ramadhan instead and see how is it there...hopefully ok la kot...

talking about going back, alhamdulillah my company aka moto agak sensitive with our muslim friends there, we are allowed to go home at 430, of course for people like me yg dtg 830 la :P hehehe.

but, even though this has been advertised (memoed), i was quite segan to pack my stuffs at around 430...i dont know why, kalau dekat telekom dulu, by 4 nak balik pun tak segan pun :D tapi at the end, i finally managed to force my body out of the office by 445...and my plan for today is to balik sharp at 430, insyaallah

Thursday, September 21, 2006

PS's farewell

this is my team's photo...after the dinner. im at the middle-back...can only see the gigi! hahaha

last weekend my team had farewell dinner for phooi seng (my ex-pm). he is migrating to the Us, he saya. not sure whether thats true or not. but anyhow, we had the farewell at KampunKu restaurant in subang jaya (next to Sheraton Subang. i would say that the dinner was dissappointing due to the amount of money we pay (which is RM41) was not propotionate to the food that we get. imagine, there are only what, 5 main lauk, and some side dishes, WTF? and worse, the amount of food being served is small. say 5 people dah pegi amik lauk2, habis! kena tunggu lagi 10-15 minutes baru diaorg tambah.WTF! another thing, they dont even have a surau! memang kurang hasam! kitaorg siap pi solat kat sheraton and we literally walked to the hotel and prayed there...its really pitty that this happen...sob sob...i wish i could do something..

muka penat jer ipin
with table friends
ex-PM and current PM
aliff - swimming

aliff swimming kat penang

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

superman taking a rest

this is how superman take his rest rupanyer :P

Monday, September 18, 2006

cuti merdeka

so we're done with shumy's stories. lemme flashback a bit. last merdeka, we went back to selama, perak to my sister's house for a tahlil kenduri. we left puncak jalil on 31st Aug at around 615am. that means that we woke up at around 5am! but aliff and damia was very ancious and excited to go to kampung and they behaved seriously good the whole morning. during the journey, aliff and damia went to sleep again as it was still early in the morning :)

we sampai at kak long's house at around 10am. just about nice since the kenduri started at 11am. kak ura and ipin went the night before. abg afen, meanwhile was still on the road, and expected to arrive at around 11am and they did arrive at 11am and luckily, the kenduri hasnt started yet :) so we had our tahlil as scheduled and everything went a ok. and we had a very good time sharing our thoughts and memories together during the stay. out of 8 of us, only kak ina and nuar was not there for acceptable reasons :P tapi memang best...

cuting the story short, we went to penang on 2nd sept (saturday) just to have a visit to ipin's house since i havent been to his place since he started working there (apa punya abang :P). so we went to penang and went to kak ura's hotel (kak ura ada seminar). aliff went to swimming with his cousins and nephews and he had a great time together..damia plak nak mandi tapi daddy and mummy dia tak bwk appropriate clothes (alasan :P)

and finally we managed to go to ipin's house at bukit jambul..phew letih gilos. btw, we went accros via the ferry...all in all, memang best cuti ni...maybe a bit letih but its worthwhile!

Friday, September 15, 2006

shumy - tribute (4)

it has been almost full 5 days of tribute to shumy....and for now i think this will be the last one for this week...but this does not mean that its all over for him in my absolute NO! tapi, will slot in one or two in order for my blog to discuss on other matters :P

as a final tribute for this particular week, lemme describe the best 5 highs and lows of shumy in his career:

The high five

1994-95: The start of the Schumacher era. Michael confirms his early potential with back-to-back titles with Benetton.

His genius behind the wheel against the might of Williams-Renault earns him a multi-million dollar move to Ferrari for 1996 - who see him as its saviour.

2000: The realisation of a dream. Four years on from joining the Scuderia, Schumacher finally delivers the world title.

After final round heartache in '97 and '98, he beats Mika Hakkinen to bring the drivers' crown back to Ferrari for the first time in 21 years.

Spa 2001: Schu knocks Prost off the top
Not content with equalling Alain Prost's tally of four world titles at the previous round in 2001, Michael then proceeds to take Prost's wins record at Spa.

His 52nd victory coming 10 years after he made his F1 debut at the circuit.

Japan 2003: Michael out on his ownAfter equalling the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio's record of five world titles the year before, Michael takes the record for himself in 2003. Young chargers Montoya and Raikkonen take him to the wire, but Schumacher proves he's still the master.

2004: Simply untouchable
Another record breaking year for Michael and Ferrari. 13 wins, 8 poles, 148 points add up to a stunning seventh world title for the 35-year-old German. He becomes the first man ever to win five drivers' titles in a row.

Michael's lows
Silverstone 1994: Schu gets the black flag

The first example of the type of controversy that dogged his career. After overtaking pole man Damon Hill on the parade lap, the German didn't come in for a penalty and was shown the black flag.
A disqualification followed , as did a contentious second half of the season...

Jerez 1997: The wrong sort of history
Some gave him the benefit of the doubt after title-deciding shunt with Hill in '94, but the German was afforded no such luxury this time. His attempt to ram Jacques Villeneuve failed but he still became the first man to be disqualifed from the F1 final standings.

Silverstone 1999: A broken leg at Silverstone
Looking to make it third time lucky in his bid to claim the title for Ferrari, he is out of contention by mid-season after he breaks his leg in a high-speed crash into the tyre wall at Stowe corner.
He misses the next six races and a shot at the world championship.

Austria 2002: Team orders outrage
A major own goal from Ferrari which was condemned far and wide.
Dominating 2002, the Italian squad instructed race leader Barrichello to pull over for his team leader and gift him the win in sight of the flag. If that wasn't bad enough the drivers are roundly booed on the podium by the Austrian fans.

Monaco 2006: Michael under attack
Michael probably thought things couldn't get worse than Jerez '97 but they might just have done here.
He takes a verbal pounding from fellow drivers, former champions and just about the whole paddock after 'parking' his Ferrari at the Rascasse in the dying moments of qualifying. The stewards strip him of pole and send him to the back of the grid.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

shumy - tribute (3)

The history

Frank Williams said that he and all the other team owners were kicking themselves in Spa that they hadn’t spotted Schumacher’s potential sooner. Ross Brawn, then at Benetton, certainly had, racing against him in sportscars, Ross with Jaguar, Michael with Sauber-Mercedes. Mercedes were not in F1 in 1991 and by the time they arrived Schumacher was lost to them.

They had several big efforts at getting him, but failed each time.So it was Flavio Briatore, from 1991-95 and then Jean Todt who had the principal benefit of running Schumacher in their car and he repaid both of them in spades.

Statistically at least, he is the greatest driver in history.

He has re-written the history books and raised the bar in terms of what is expected of a Grand Prix driver.
Now they have to have immense commitment, their fitness must be scientifically monitored and their preparation for each race has to be perfect.

As a child racing karts Schuey developed the mentality that you get out of racing what you put in. Rarely has any sport seen a harder worker. At Benetton he learned the F1 ropes, guided by the experienced hands of Brawn and particularly Pat Symonds, who was his race engineer back then.

He also learned how to play the political game, making sure that the team was firmly lined up behind him and that his number two driver stayed just that.

By the time he arrived at Ferrari in 1996 he was the real deal. The car that year was a dog, but he still won three races with it including an emotional win at Monza, where tens of thousands of tifosi opened a giant Ferrari flag under the podium.

Martin Brundle interviewed him a lot in those days and hell recall his eye-popping awe at the scale of the reception and the passion he had felt from the crowd that day.At Ferrari he built around him a super team of engineers and managers, ruled by a ‘circle of fear’, in which the key players were motivated as much by a desire not to let the others down as by the thirst for victory.

Ferrari had not won a title for going on 20 years, but Schumacher gave them five in succession from 2000-2004. Brundle recall vividly the win at Budapest in 1998, where Schumacher was asked by Brawn to find something like 19s in 17 laps over Hakkinen as he switched him on to a bold three stop plan and he did it, winning the race.

The McLaren on the Bridgestones was a superior car to the Ferrari on Goodyears that year, but Schuey took some unlikely victories to keep himself in the title chase. If you look at how much it took out of driver like Hill or Hakkinen, how they aged before your eyes and then you look at Michael who has changed remarkably little.
I think that the accident at Silverstone in 1999 did him a favour in that respect.

It gave him an unexpected three months off at a very busy time and he was able to take stock of where he was, recharge his batteries and refocus. He came back at a higher level and that propelled him to the five titles in a row from 2000-4.

I honestly don’t believe he would have kept going for so long if he had not had that break in 1999.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

shumy - tribute (2)

as a second day of schumy's tribute, i found this particular thing funny :)

Schu faces postal proceedings

Following Michael Schumachers retirement announcement, the driver and Ferrari have today been issued with legal proceedings by Maranello postman, Alberto Calzone. Mr Calzone, who has delivered the post to the Ferrari factory for 22 years, has made a claim for damages after suffering repetitive strain injury, brought on by delivering sackloads of "Wishing you luck in your retirement" cards.

The Italian Postal Union are backing the claim saying that had they known about Schuey's retirement then they would have laid on extra staff.A spokesman told us today; "Our member is absolutely knackered, his bike is also in a bit of a state".

This is not the first time Ferrari have faced such a claim.Two years ago, the mechanic responsible for Eddie Irvine's and latterly Rubens Barrichello's pit board, also sued for RSI when he put out his shoulder after continuously holding out the board telling them to let Michael past.

Monday, September 11, 2006

shumy - tribute (1)

as i have promised, since shumy has declared that he will retire from F1 by end of the season, i will dedicate my blog as a tribute to the KING!

as a start, lemme put in his FACTS and STATS. u better believe it! dont play play

Most world titles: 7 (1994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004)
Most consecutive titles: 5 (2000-2004)
Most wins: 90
Most wins in a single season: 13 (2004)
Most consecutive wins in single season: 7 (2004)
Most wins at the same race: 8 (French GP)
Most wins from pole: 40
Most wins with one team: 71
Most pole positions: 68
Most front-row starts: 114
Most second place finishes: 43
Most podium finishes: 153
Most points scored: 1,354
Most points finishes: 188
Most points in a single season: 148 (from a maximum of 180, in 2004)
Most fastest laps: 75
Most races led: 139
Most consecutive podiums: 19 (USA 2001 – Japan 2002)
Most consecutive points finishes: 24 (Hungary 2001 – Malaysia 2003)
Most consecutive seasons with a win: 15
Most ‘clean sweeps’ (pole, win, fastest lap): 22
Largest points gap between champion and runner-up: 67 (2002)
Earliest title winner: 2002 (in July, with 6 races remaining)
Longest spell with one team: 11 seasons (Ferrari – 1996-2006)
Most time between first and last race wins: 13 years, 11 months and 3 days
Never outqualified in 1992, 1993 or 1994
Only driver to have finished every race on the podium: 2002

official - shumy retiring

its official! shumy is retiring by the end of the season, and its 3 races left! im really sadden to hear this from his own mouth and we can see that he's also saddened to make that decision...

once he made the decision, i tarus called RR. we talked for quite some time and both of us were very sad! nasib tak nangis jer ;) but, looking at the bright side of it, he made the decision at the right time, which to allow massa to work out his future with ferrari...and the most important thing is havign raikonnen as his successor, which i think is better than alonso...

tapi, im not a team kind of guy, i started watching formula 1 because of shumy..since he was at benetton...but ok la..hopefully raikonnen can continue shumy's reign

everton 3 - liverpool 0

the scoreline says it all! 3-0! who would be brave enough to predict this kind of scorline especially the derby is on the early days of the premier league! but this really make my day, or probably my week :)

745pm: was in melaka with my already in front of the tv waiting
945pm: i was the happiest person. my brother in law was very frustrated cause he's a liverpool fans! i know how it feels

it has been a while sine everton have beaten liverpool and with this kind of scoreline, it tells a different story! it instill a self believe that we can still do it! we can compete with a european champion, we can compete with the big boys! it may sound too early, but it does look promising

i dont want to put more pressure onto the team, but having looked at how they played over the weekend, it somehow increase sets ur expectations against the team..but what the hac, we are just playing the ball!

everton managed to be on top of the premier league table for at least a couple of hours cause the kick-off time was in the afternoon and the other games started in a couple of hours later...but that was enough for a long-live fan like me to see the glory days of the 80es is coming, insyallah!

Friday, September 08, 2006


i was browsing the itv-f1 webpage and i saw this page where people express their feelings for the king to stay in F1...please pay a visit and leave ur thoughts there! hopefully he will stay on!

saturday: 7:45pm / sunday 8pm

you guys might wonder why the title for this post is saturday: 7:45pm...its actually the live telecast match between Everton and its arch rival aka musuh tradisi aka cannot afford to lose sort of thing; Liverpool..

it has been listed in the astro program guide that it will be a lived telecast! so dont go anywhere during this time ya! watch the match, insyaallah we will win this time around! in fact i have posted a youtube video to cherish the moments when we managed to beat Liverpool!

taken from
"THIS WILL DEFINE OUR START" said shows how important this game is for the team and the fans!

another time which is sunday: 8pm! its the race time for the Italian Grand Prix! cant wait to watch this one as well....but it will definitely be a sentimental one, since Shumi will declare that he will RETIRE from F1 indifinitely! Rumors has it that he will be replaced by Kimi Raikonnen who Ferrari has signed since middle of the so sad! seriously, cause I watch F1 just to watch him drive those F1 cars with perfection.

if he were to retire, i will definitely declare a Tribute to Schumi week or something in my blog to honour him!


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Derby Days

Remembering the derby days for this coming weekend's Everton vs Liverpool game!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

teambuilding - outdated

at last, i managed to find a time to update this blog with our teambuilding that we had last july! how fast time flies...tapi memandangkan i managed to kompol quite a few its good to post it here...

my team won! hahahaha serious ly....i also terkejut...didnt expect it to happen but my team did very well to end up on top! enjoy the pics!