Thursday, November 27, 2008


trikids - it just show how old i am now :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

4th year

happy birthday mia!

this is overdue cause her birthday was on the 5th nov...dah besar anak daddy...shes only 4 years old now but i feel as though she is older than that...rasa cam dah 6thn time flies..

i went back a bit early than usual and after fetching yem at her office, went straight to mid valley...just utk beli cake! i asked yem nape taknak carik kat tempat lain yg dekat sikit, tapi she insisted utk pegi mid valley gak...its just that there are more varieties i guess...
we also went to toys r us...hadiah pun tak beli lagi! apa punya parents :P tapi luckily found something that interest here...barbies! as long as their pink, she's will like it!...bought some barbies goodies...

aqeel yg tak tau apa2 lagi :P
aqeel still confiused
waiting to blow the candle
with her goodies

well, next year damia will be going to tadika...dono how well she will cope...being the only "baby" girl in the family...hope she will be fine :) perangai pun dah mcm abang dia!

another present for her 4th year birthday was earings...pegi tindik wa cakap lu...rasa cam kecik lagi tapi bila tanya dia whether dia nak tindik ke tak...mula2 dia cam tak nak...tapi bila ckp nanti nampak cantik etc...finally dia nak...

went to poh kong...asked them whether dia boleh buat tindik 2 belah sekali gus...the old man confidently answered that was it! she did not even cried! power la anak daddy ni...she just cam tersentak sikit jek...sebab terkejut...thanks to the old man! very experienced i would say!

showing off her earings
future of landen
showing her right side

Monday, November 17, 2008


late last month..when i was cleaning my house, i noticed that my house's window handle at the air well (betul ke eje ni?)...patah..memang cuak gak bila dipikirkan...camne leh patah lak kan? dah la patah, boleh plak handle yg patah tu terletak cantik jek kat grill tu...memang mengejutkan...tambah pulak aku takder mangga kat grill tuh!

adoi..tak sure when the actual event happens...tapi most probably during raya the very next day...i pinjam opis punya tangga..cause the air well is quite high....beli the window handle...and the mangga to be used...insyallah tak jadik lagi lepas ni...amin!

notice the broken handle and there is no mangga!
the handle was nicely "placed" on the grill

Friday, November 14, 2008

mat kuda

forget about whats happening at work...just enjoy fact, its holiday season and a lot of movies coming out..

so last wednesday, yem balik a bit earlier...earlier does not mean yg dia chiow awal..just that she needs to rush a bit (aka running to get the lrt train in order to get to kl sentral..) so that she can take the 6pm erl train back to putrajaya...thanks baby!

we watched quantum of solace that day...the show started at 7pm! i had no choice sebab nak kena balik i had to come in a bit late sebab nak kena solat dulu...but managed to get in the cinema at around 720...just nice...baru jer lepas opening music tu...

for me, overall the movie kinda ok la...but missing a bit of kick! macam casino royale tu...and i think the girl need to be a bit sexy..barula bond! :P
rating: 3.5 out of 5

then on thursday yem was on mc...i was on half day leave on the evening to take my mother in law to the serdang hospital for eye checkup...tak sangka plak the checkup took us around less than 2 hours..sebab kalau datang pagi...sah sah triple the time! bila balik, we think it is a good time for us to take aliff and mia to watch madagascar2!

yg ni memang mantap...cite memang besh..kelakar...budak2 pun boleh gelak...and also menari..especially mia yg tergedik2 bahu bila dengar lagu "move it" tu...jalan cite pun senang nak follow...sume cukup la...since dia kena continue from the first movie kan...i totally like the cool penguins!
rating:4.5 out of 5

tapi nak dijadikan cite, kitoarg siap duduk just in front of mat kuda and rina together with their kids...memang tak sangka..aku rasa the last time jumpa was from the ppp years...diaorg dah ada 2 kids..memang adorable...and they're staying in bangi...what a small world this is :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Jan 1

landen will be joining Satyam on Jan 1...still not sure whether this is good news or bad!
still digesting.......

Malaysia Software Development Center to be transitioned to Satyam Corporation

In an effort to drive Motorola’s strategy, strengthen our competitive position and improve cost structure and operational efficiencies, the Home & Networks Mobility business will discontinue operations at the Malaysia Software Development Center, whose primary focus is Network Management System development for Cellular Networks.

Therefore, Motorola will transition all employees and assets of the Malaysia Software Development Center to Satyam, a leading global business and information technology company, located nearby in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. After an extensive search and evaluation of alternatives, it was determined that Satyam is ideally positioned to provide Motorola with superior software development services and the Motorola team with excellent career opportunities.

After the close, Motorola will contract directly with Satyam Corporation for development services on its market leading network management software to continue to fulfill the needs of its customers. The transition is subject to regulatory and other customary closing conditions, and is expected to be completed by 31 December 2008. Until the sale is closed, it will be business as usual for the Malaysia Software Development Center team.

This decision is in the best interest of the Malaysia Software Development Center team and Motorola. We believe that the transition will open career opportunities for these employees and strengthen Motorola’s competitive position in Malaysia.

Motorola is committed to delivering on customers’ expectations without disruption or distraction. The Malaysia Software Development Center provides significant efforts for both internal programs important to customer deliverables and for external Motorola customers, such as Verizon and others. Our commitment to those programs remains constant.

Thank you for your continued support.

Employee Communications

Friday, November 07, 2008

dust everywhere!

i have been neglecting my blog for quite sometime has been 3 months! memang lama siot...aku pun tak tau kenapa tapi mojo aku terus hilang utk update blog aku ni..sampai jawa pun dah letak comment utk "tambah nasik" which means to update it! hahaha...memang kelakar...

antara reason aku is sebab keje...skrg keje tengah melambak..naik bosan aku..especially after mot*rola punya financial result amat memfrustrating skali...nak buat dah tak nak beli phone mot*rola...even staff pun taknak beli...camne tu? plus plak ngan dia memang company US yg tengah teruk just leave with it...and also takut gak sbb dia announce utk layoff around 3k staff worldwide...ntahla cyb*er punya center ada affected ke tak...berserah je la..any company that needs testers? :)
the last entry aku is in august..which is sebelum puasa aku ingat just nak letak summary la of what had happened...yg mana aku ingat...and i can only refer to the photos that we've taken during the past months or so...
sept:bulan posa...and its our first time puasa kat putr*jaya...the environment was interesting..sebab memang kawasan pasar ramadhan memang meriah...then surau2 and masjid2 pun memang meriah...aku tak pegi la plak ke main masjid tu sebab jauh pun..aku just pegi kat satu masjid kat pres*nt9 ni jer la...senang dah pantas! :P
oct:bulan raya...aku ada post gambar raya kat facebuku aku...maybe some of u dah tengok...takder apa2 yg interesting la aku rasa...
aqeel first time braya
damia main bunga api siang2 ari
aliff ngan sepupu sebayanyer
silap ada bantal aqeel kat sblah kanan tu :)
anak2 nengok kamera lain :P

hmmm tahun ni kitaorg raya kat jas*in dulu then only balik teping...actually kitaorg tak tidur kat rumah kampung boyan aku tu..sebab rumah tu kitaorg dah sewakan jadi tadika...tapi yg besnyer bukan calang2 tadika...cheng cheng cheng...tadika PASTI...aka P.A.S punye...yg aku terkejut besar is that bila aku pegi jengah rumah aku tu...alhamdulillah la sebab persekitaran plus the rumah diaorg memang jaga...sebab kalau kitaorg biarkan jek...memang rosak la kan...tapi ni siap letak bendera plus banner dia sample photo :)..ada sapa2 yg nak hantar anak ke tadika tahun 2009 kat kpg boyan, silalah contact aku :P

khemah mcm nak kendurik jek :P
siap banner lagik...caya

on 7th oct kitaorg pegi petrosains sebab kitaorg memang dah lama nak bawak aliff n mia pegi...just for fun and hopefully they can experience something different..with science in mind...they had fun especially when we "boarded" a flight simulation...mia siap nak nagis lagi...and its definitely a moment to cherish...(seeing their smily faces)...

future f1 driver?
mia dah start penat
mia yg baru lepas takut
bob the builder...notice the slipper.. :P

khairi ada buat open house kat rumah baru dia...our theme for the day was "pink day" so all of us weared pink...seriously, pink should be your color Gee :)
with mak tok
pink boys
with my old friend
mel yg tgh pergnant ;)
ex-moto friends

birthday yemmmm...kitaorg pegi dinner kat chilli's malam tu kat mid valley...this was the first time for aliff and mia...they kinda like the food especially the kids choice...yum yumm...bila lah plak nak pegi lagi...huhuhu... bought yem K770i....boleh ler dia dgr lagu time naik erl :)
lepas kenyang
ada muka yem tak?
lamanyer nak sampai...
aqeel camera shy
puting yg terbalik!
then during one weekend, gee and rosnah with families dtg kat rumah...kitaorg tak buat open house tahun ni, tapi adala kuih sikit2 nak jamu....
gee yg dah gedempul
tetamu2 yg dtg :)