Wednesday, August 30, 2006

minor layout change

today i managed to do some minor change to the layout of my humber blogspot...probably u might not notice it...of course it MINOR change! :)

but, as u can see, i have change my template to put all the videos that i have posted at the right hand side of the panel..this is to make it easier for people to access the videos that i have published it here in my blog...enjoy!!!!

btw, its merdeka time! tomorrow is 31st august, our independence day!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

everton wins - at last


it has been a while i tak blog...due to time constraint, i would usual, easy scapegoat!

tapi alhamdulillah today i have some time to at least write something, and why not write on everton! at last, for almost 21years without a win at spurs, finally, with andy johnson's goal, everton finally did it!

it is even sweater that they did it in style, playing with 10men against 11men as early as, what, 20mins or so from the kickstart...that, for me my first, is an outstanding achievement! especially against jol's men, who are easily an UEFA cup candidate for next season or probably better, Champions League candidate team!

but, i would like to dedicate this win to our beloved manager, moyes who finally managed to bring in england hopefull andy johnson :) i really think this is a good buy as beatie is not quite a natural goal insyaallah, at least this year, i would like to see everton make it to the UEFA cup!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


memang cun aaa clip ni...dasat diaorg buat ni

memory - moto bowl

from left: keri, azahar, akmar, me, shamsul before the game
since last june i didnt manage to blog just yet, so im using this entry to share with u guys my moto bowling team which was formed in the month of june, if im not first, the moto bowling tournament was meant for at least "semi-pro" people who can get 100++ points easily, which i was not even, when i saw the mail saying "moto bowling tournament 2006", i straight away said, "malaslah"

but, then the day after, there was a mail from wahida, our hr lady, told us that any amateur player can join, so, keri, azahar, shamsul straight away im me saying that, "lets play!, just for the t-shirts, of course!"...what a great idea, i got nothing to lose...just play, have fun and at the end of the day, get the motorola tshirt!

so, on the tournament day itself, we came and literally we conquered! but not conquer cow-cow punya, but, our team "shockweih" team was 3rd runners up! and this is more astonishing as me, winning a contest! (sebab i've never won any contest which ive entered)....and i was the top scorer of the team, alhamdulillah, jgn mare aa keri, but what the heck, we played as a team, so we win as a team! :)

my team after the game (got voucher :P)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

everton win opener

alhamdulillah! everton won last satuday! it has been a long time coming for a win on an opener. it has been 5 years since everton won the opening game of a season and this really promises something...

especially with the arrival of andy johnson! since day one, he has become everton's sweatheart, from the youngs and olds...and from asia and from all over the world; which includes myself.

if i were to analyze the game, as a whole everton did not really play well that night, which i think its acceptable for an opening day, where everybody was not really fit. but, there was this guy, alan stubbs which was and is my most dislike player in the evertonian squad, was playing below parr.. and i was damn bengang looking at him play that night, sampai my hair started to turn grey ...errrr , actually my hair hs turned grey pun.... :P

but seriously, i hope tomorrow, "yes tomorrow, everton will be meeting blackburn away", lescott will play rather than him....please!! please!!! please!! insyaallah we will get something from the game....

Friday, August 18, 2006

a visit to HKL

what a day yesterday.... i have been experiencing chest pain for quite some time now..ever since my uni years...but earlier this week, it has become more frequent and getting worried...

the symptons:
a. when i breath hard, my chest felt a needle poking my heart or something like that...
b. when i sujud during prayers, i cant breath...the feel is similar to a.

so, semalam i went to see my brother in law kat HKL..he's a surgeon..dah specialist dah ;) so i went to see him at around 12noon. as usual, kena bukak fail...and as usual, skip queue :P tapi yg penting, dia dah takder patient lain yg menunggu, so tak rasa bersalah sgt la :P

i went to his room, and as any doctor will do, asked me how does it feel, so i ckp as per my symptoms above and he asked me a few questions:

"ada rasa loya nak muntah?"
"tak", i answered

"rasa sakit kat belah bawah ker kat atas?"
"belah atas, kat sini", sambil tunjuk the spot...

and after a few Q&A sessions, he decided that i went through x-ray and another test, which i dont remember the name dy ;) so we went to the x-ray department and took my bird cage chest. and since he followed me, the x-ray siap dlm 15mins, which normally the person will say "encik boleh balik dulu"..and tunggu seminggu baru siap..hai susah2..bukan tak boleh, boleh! malas jer!

so, the i went to a room, siap ada wayar kat my chest and some graph coming out...and finally, we went to his room again...and alhamdulillah, he said positive things about the test , "ni bukan sakit jantung ni, tapi we need to monitor la", "makan ubat ni bila sakit and if sakit tu still ada, stop makan and come to see me again"

and i asked him what will he do if i require a next visit, he told me "kita buat scope". i asked him "scope tu apa?"
"scope tu masuk wayar yg ada camera tu kot mulut and nak tengok dlm" ...arrkkhhhh...scary nyer...

so guys, tolong doakan kesihatan ku ini k! amin!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

being a tester

it has been almost 2years now that ive become a tester...its not bad actually...i think with the current load that im assigned to, im quite happy with what i have achieved so far...

being a dev from my tender years of career life, was the most challenging and most memorable i would say..especially working with all my friends in telekom, gee, nyace, migi, nizam and lots more...but the thing is, i dont have any photos during those years...pitty me...

so now whatever i do, alone, at work, with family, i will bring my camera (of course not to the office; yet, kalau last day ker boleh la :P) least i have something to cherish...

maybe one day i will elaborate more on my jobscope :) tungguuuuuu.....

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

holiday at genting

last weekend we went to genting highlands cause my brother-in-law was staying at awana for a training session with mindef. at first we we reluctant to go, but after thinking that since we had a room, why not! :)

so we took off from kl at about 11am, and by the time we reached there, its about 12.30. so we put our bags in the room and went straight to the cable car station. awana do provide bus service to take people to the station. so, bila sampai, mak datuk, the queue was damn loooooong... and i can see the sign, "at this point, the waiting time is 1hour" and we're even farer than the sign! allah! apa ni!

but, what the heck, cuaca pun tak panas mcm kat kl ni, so we waited la...and its really 1hour ++ to get our turn...and sampai atas, we went straight to indoor park son nak main game. we played "daytona", the "f1 racing" and lots more...ada la habis dalam rm30...

pastu, we went to outdoor park plak...wanna naik the rides la ..including myself :P. and we had fun together with my kids, especially aliff which was very happy. tak penah pegi la katakan ;) tapi ada satu cowboy thingy yg bouncing2 and its for kids, but once the thing move, his face was panic...i just buat tak tau...but later after 4-5 bounces, he started crying, but tak la kuat sgt..lega gak la....tapi lepas habis, i went to console him and he was a ok.

end of the day, went back to awana using the cable car again, this time at night! dlm kul 9pm we were in the cable car and the only thing that i can see is the fog! quite scary..dlm pikiran dah pikir, kalau jatuh ni, rescue team susah nak carik and stuff :P tapi alhamdulillah selamat....

all in all, it was a nice trip to genting. maybe can go again ;)

Friday, August 11, 2006

PGL - the musical

this is the cast of PGL after the show

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

great sunday

last sunday morning i had a call from my brother..."lan, minat tengok theater tak?". when i heard this, i strightly said "theater? tak...bosan rasanyer" because i never seen a theater before and my assumption is that its denifitely boring, full stop. but then my mom heard my conversation, "tanya la cite apa, theater best!"

so, i called my brother back and asked him what story is he talking about, then he told me "PGL - puteri gunung ledang, opening night, tonight!", so i said to him i wanna go "2 please". so i just set my expectations la...kalau bosan tido la..apa laga!

so, at 815 we went there...wearing mcm pegi keje.. as apan said that "no t-shirts, no jeans and no slippers" i wore collered shirt and slacks with shoes la lebih kurang...

when we went there, we were on the second row from the front, just behind the musical team! and then i saw rozlan aziz, the musical director of this show! im not a fan of him, so i just buat dono...but seeing someone u see in the tv at least that feels something..

then at 830, the show begins! and sampai pukul 12am baru habis...i tell you. that story is a damn good story, from tiara, adlin and ac mizal acted amazingly, coupled with a very outstanding musical band! i really like the show, the pentas is in 3D. and all the props...the customes, aarrggkkkkk memang best!!!!!! tak menyesal tengok..

the actor yg paling i suka is adlin aka sultan melaka...and i tell you he can sing and dance oso! this is a must to see! find a time and watch it! you will not regret it!

i will post the movie i took from my camera when ive uploaded it in youtube! watch this space!

Friday, August 04, 2006

thinking of my kids

aliff and damia waiting for barney and friends show
people always say that our kids are our jewels...i totally agree with kids are everything! they are the ones who give strength, courage and hope! when i have problems in the office, when i come home, they will always cheer me up, definitely! these are the 2 crown of my heart! and of course there is a princess wife :P

weekend is just around the corner...really looking forward to! my wife have been planning to go to rosnah's house.. and maybe sand will be there too...hopefully she can go there with wawa and their kids as well...aliff boleh main ngan anne and damia can play with ayish..(hope i spell their names correctly)

my mom is so eager that i would buy a house near kak ura's house at ampang...but the price seems mahal which is about 305k. i dont think i can afford kenala tinggal kat puncak jalil :P anyhow, its home sweet home!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


my first youtube'ed. more will follow suit, hopefully!


Foo Fighters: DOA

One of my favourite video clips and of course my long live Foo!

teambuilding around the corner

yesterday i received a mail from an organizer that there will be an event "teambuilding" event this coming monday. what a happenning few weeks. we had our motoparty last friday and now we're going to have a splashing time next monday at Desa Water Park! looking forward to it...

then when i came in this morning, i received a mail saying that "Congratulations! You have been selected to be a team leader of one onf the team for the teambuilding event" Dang! to tell u the truth, all this while i have been a follow-what-people-ask-u-to-do and this time, i am the one who needs to organize this, organize that...but kinda think of it, "sampai bila hang nak ikut orang!" so i have to take this opportunity with my both hands...insyallah allah will help me :)

so just now we had a meeting to discuss on:

  • team name
  • team slogan (war cry)

And these are the few suggestions that my team member come out with:

Team name: Thundercats! War Cry: Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats! Hooooooooo!

Team name: Winner stays War Cry: Sure can Win one!

Team name: Aiman Tak Kesah! War Cry: Jgn nangis!

ntah la. tapi esok we will find out as we will vote for the names! will update later ;)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

motoparty 2006

at last i can blog again... its just that i can only blog in the office cause i dont have any access at home...pity me :( anyways, last friday night motorola had an annual dinner aka party of the year..

this is the heading taken from the invitation mail:

It's Friday ~!
Glittering Nite

Date: July 28, 2006 (Friday) Time: 6.30pm – 11pm Venue: Nirvana Ballroom 1,
Crowne Plaza Mutiara Kuala Lumpur Hotel

so, at around 4pm, we went home as we were allowed to go home early for a hair setting, i suppose :P. so there we were, Azahar and me at home at around 430pm. since we were going to the same place, we've decided to carpull. so at around 5pm, after asar prayers, off we go. we were reminded a few times by HR that there will be diversion near the place due to the ASEAN meeting at KLCC. we were a bit late lah, and luckily Azahar knew a nearer road via BESRAYA and we were at Lot 10 at around 545pm. But, then we saw a road closure which is leading to the hotel. WTF? And non of us know how to go there using a different road. But luckily, I did went to Hard Rock before once when I was with Shell (I still remember Kevin had a big laugh when I said that was my first time there) so we've decided to take the road (not sure the bout the road's name) besides Saloma. Luckily the road was smooth and we arrived there at around 610pm. Thanks to the jam and road closures :P

So, we had some good moments during the party. But I didnt manage to get what I wanted for going to the party, which is the lucky draw! Azahar and Keri managed to get Sony Walkman and Astro as their lucky reward, but as I was hoping to get at least the V3i Gold, somebody else's name was called! luck still... sokey, hopefully next year, if I'm still at moto la of course ;) here are some photos..

this is the door decoration inviting us in ;)

this is me with keri

this is with my beloved boss