Friday, April 13, 2007

birthday party

just wanna share yg hari tu kitaorg ader buat aliff punya sepupu birthday party kat pandan mewah mcdonalds...ramai gaks yg datang...all my adik beradiks pun ader...

my mom - super duper best mak in the world
kak long - yg sulong
kak ura - the birthday girl's mother
abg afen - the older brother
me - the kurusman
ipin - dah ada anak dah mamat nih, dulu asyik gaduh ngan aku jek...aka reporter (selalu report kat mak huhu)
nuar - my little brother
yan - my beloved little sister

yang takder just kak ina...ader hal sikit kat muar so tak leh datang

during the party, they had some games for the kids yg datang aliff did play a bit tapi punyala malu rupanyer aliff ni...depan orang yg dia tak kenal (member2 sepupu dia tu) memang malu nak mampus...check this vid out..

and not to forget, there is also games for the org tuas :) check this vid out...aku siap tolak abg wan aku (abg ipar) huhuhu :D jangan marah abg wan!

here are also some of the pics...

aliff and mia enjoying the food

mothers from both sides

ipin + wife + erin delia

budak2 besar nak main musical chair huhuhu

photo with birthday girl

Friday, April 06, 2007

roll on sepang

sepang here we go! best betul jadik f1 driver ni,

u can be a media magnet like this:

whatever u said will be published all over the media spaces:

u can also service ur car in a split second by ur own mechanics:

but the best part of it:

nuff said, i wanna be an F1 driver!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Dilshan HolyShit Catch - Unbelievable

If u guys tak tau lagi, I am a big fan of cricket and currently the cricket world cup is still ongoing and as usual, the Ossies are playing strongly.

But, when I glanced through youtube for highlights, (sebab tak mampu nak subscribe kat astro) i bumped into this...

memang shit...tengok batsman tu pukul FULL SWING! boleh tangkap plak tuh...mangkuk ayon tul... aku dulu penah kena bola cricket kat kepala, memang hampir pengsan, tu pun jauh, but this...shit