Friday, September 28, 2007


when i saw this pic, i straight away falls in love with the jersey...


it really nice for an international club to show their support in any this case breast cancer..this is a good and a noble way for a club to chip in a little tiny winny effort / support...

i love the pink jersey..will definitely buy it if i can get it here...

damia really love pink color ;)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

9 sec

this is long time overdue...aliff's concert

the concert was on the 2nd day of puasa (and on friday some more) starts at 3 and ends at 630pm...and that was the 'plan' la...but it ended up at 710pm! only 10 mins to go and get aliff from the stage and go down to find the nearest restaurant we can find!

enough of this "mour"ning :P (sorry to chelsea fans)...

remember a few months back that i told you aliff is going to represent his school for a welcoming speech?

well, here is the cronology bringing to his appearance on stage

12.00pm - packing, and bersiaping damia..(including the camera)
1.00pm - went to solat jumaat
2.00pm - leave "home sweet home" to The Summit
2.50pm - arrived at the Summit Auditorium
3.00pm - MC announced that they will wait for another 10-20mins for others to arrive (during this time, i was playing with the camera - browsing that is)
3.30pm - MC announced that they will start in 5mins
3.35pm - Welcoming speech from the Principal3.40pm - MC accounced "the children will give a speech" - and Aliff's name is announced!

3.41pm - The stage's curtain is opened and Aliff walked straight to the mic.
I, with the camera on my hand, started to record this magic moment.

And suddenly, "Memory Full" message came out! Allah! Camne ni....memang tak sempat la nak amik movie nih!

Tu la citenyer...last-last just dapat a few words jer...we were caught unprepared! Disadvantage plak bila dia jadik the first person to be on stage....

BTW, here is his speech in text (dont think i can read this when i was in his age).

"Good evening! A warm welcome to all parents, teachers and friends to our Q-Dees annual Concert 2007. First of all, on behalf of all Q-Dees children, I would like to say thank you to all our teachers for their hard work in training us for this concert. Also, a big thank you to all parents who have shown great support by attending tonight's concert. Please sit back, relax and enjoy the performances. Thank you"

Here is the SHORT clip (9 secs in total!!!!). Sayang tul!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

fuel filter

have u ever face this b4?

it is the first day or ramadhan...and obviously u r hungry...u came of out the office a bit late than permitted (430 dah leh balik tapi balik dlm kul 530)...and the road is jammed since everybody (including people yg tak puasa :P) is rushing home..

then u managed to stop and buy some food at the pasar ramadhan for berbuka puasa...and on the way back...about another 5km to reach home (which is already around 630pm), your car brakes down..yes...the car brakes down...

praying that this is a dream, i wish..but this happens to me last thursday, on the first of ramadhan..memang tuhan nak menduga aku nih.. :) and aku accept dengan redha...

memang this is the first time my car broke down..tak pernah..sejak pakai wira dulu aku cam a bit cuak..tapi berkat ramadhan aku rasa, aku alhamdulillah tenang and terus call my borther... luckily he's already at home..

upon waiting for my bro to come, i tried to start the car, but failed...then i remembered that i just changed the timing belt a few days b4..i straight away called the pormen and ask him...he troubleshoot..via phone lagi..and alhamdulillah he confirmed that it is not the timing belt that causes the has something to do with the fuel pump..sementara nunggu abang aku sampai, siap leh jumpa member lagi, intan, asyida, aiza..sume pakai jalan tuh...and they stopped and asked what they can help...terima kasih byk!

well, that is what he i pk i better wait for my bro to arrive..and in a few minutes, he arrived and we went straight to look for any shops nearby...and finally dpt jgk jumpa kedai depan jusco..

and luckily the pormen tu agree utk pegi nengok kete...after packing a few things, they followed us...we took them to the "breakdown scene" :P.. and you know what...once the pormen turns the key to start the car, the car actually starts! tadi bila aku try tak nak plak start...

kira tak pe la..tapi we asked them to take the car to the workshop to check what's wrong..and the day after they called and informed me that the fuel relay is the culprit..but there's definitely a price to pay RM200! nak buat camne, tukar jer la...

so bila dah siap aku pun pegi ambik kete...and on saturday we decided to go to subang to carik mende bukak posa...and on our way there, our car breakdown again! this time just after sunway pyramid...

i took aliff and mia out of the car and put them under a tree near the kaki jalan..bahaya satu, panas pun lagi better for us to stay clear off the road... and i straight away called the promen and they said they will come in a short while..

dlm 1/2 hour they arrived and skali lagi diaorg leh startkan kete, took it to somewhere safe.."kita tukar fuel filter" they said...fuel filter plak...hari tu fuel relay...brape plak la nak kena ni...

and after changing the fuel filter, they cleaned the throttle body..sebab diaorg kata dah kotor..memang dah kotor la..rasa tak penah cuci pun...and bila dah siap, diaorg ckp RM20 jer...pheww lega tul...ingat RM400 ker.... :P or maybe this is the problem and not the relay as what they told me yesterday! alahai...sabo jer la...

what an experience...really!

and alhamdulillah kete tu dah tak buat perangai lagi...doakan dia tak buat perangai lagi...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Selamat posa sume

Ramadhan al Mubaraq!

Alhamdulillah Ramadhan dtg lagi...insyaallah kita gunakan masa ni sebaik mungkin..amin!

Selamat berpuasa semua. Special for this month, I have changed mytube section to include the recitation of a few surahs for ur listening pleasure...i really like the surah rahman (the first out of the 5) ..allah

all in one?

team celebration! finally!
huhuhuhu...after "ding-dong"ing for a number of times, akhirnya ada jgk milestone celebration utk team kitaorg nih! asyik nengok budak2 cdma jek ..jealous you :P
although this celebration is a combination of mgate5 to mgate2 (wow..there are actually 4 milestones that have been achieved during this time), we still accept it as a rezeki to the saki bakie team members yg still tinggal...
we had the celebration at Xing Zhu, cyber view (rebung in melayu kalau tak silap)..and had a lunch buffet...been there during the shell years with my beloved pm at that time kevin thai, the place, for me is kinda nice and cozy....also the food is quite delicious especially the dim sum... i had my first dim sum (rebus and goreng) here... no wonder it has some sentimental place in my mind :P
burp! alhamdulillah... :D

sukanyer dia :P


i did go for our annual party last friday which was held at pj hilton..or in specific chillies..

i went for the party for only one purpose...lucky draw :P hoping to get at least a saguhati..the main prize is the new moto/razr2 wow! besh nyer..

the party started like any of our event, a speach from KY...cause our country manager could not make it for the party...then makan2..the food was not to my expectation...tak kesah la sebab aku pun bukannye leh makan byk sgt pun ;)

next, live band! aku ingat ada search ker..huhuhu tapi ada group yg aku pun tak kenal performing quite a number of famous songs...during this time, a lot of the staffs are already in the "mabuk" mode...we can see a lot of them started dancing, singing and laughing their heart out..with a glass of beer on their hands

you guys might wonder where am i during that time...luckily there is a place to sit and watch the proceding happens..anti-social? i dont think so...just dont want to minggle with those kinda things...especially takut terkena plak beer tuh.. :)

after the show...there was the "dress of the night"...and our jalil won it by miles! cayala rocker!

and finally the lucky draw...the mc started to announce the names for the saguhati prize..i waited with patience...and guess name is not in the list..

so my expectation increases as i might have the chance to get the 3 main prizes, rite? ya rite..the draw for these 3 are made on stage...but anti-climaxly :P my name was not one of those!
takpe la...maybe bukan rezeki la kot...

next year please!

Monday, September 03, 2007

appy birthday mak

happy birthday super woman aka super mom

it was actually a belated birthday which falls on a working sume org tak sempat nak pegi rumah kak ura and celebrate...only sms pengganti diri :P

tapi during the weekend kitaorg sempat la beli kek untuk mak and we gather at kak ura's place to celebrate..a small celebration just a token from us to her..

happy birthday mak!

with the cucu (lum campur sume lagi :P)
(see how big my brother is!)


last saturday we went to our saudara's kenduri kat somewhere near hukm..tak berapa ingat nama tempat tuh..tapi diaorg buat kenduri kat dlm dewan kolej ke9 um or something...

this is my pakcik's first kenduri, anak sulung la katakan...tapi buat 2 pasang skali...anak dia actually kembar :P jimat la kos sikit huhuhu...jgn silap pengantin lelaki dah

but yg paling penting skali is one of the tetamu kehormat pakcik is one of the anak murid of tuan hj harun din..and he came for this kenduri..he even sat and makan kat meja pengantin...

so i took this opportunity to go and salam him and i even brought both my kids to see him..just cukup utk tuan hj jarun din salam and pegang ubun2 diaorg dah memadai..rasa mcm bertuah plak..ingat nak mintak doa ker apa ker, tapi rasa mcm tak appropriate la plak during kenduri...rasa mcm "being touched by an angel" pun ada gaks..insyaallah dpt berkat air tangan pun jadik la :D (aku jakun macam jumpa pak lah or dr mahathir camtu ;))

tapi, as any other ulama, he's face is always berseri and have this karisma kinda look...hopefully aliff can be like him..amin!


lama siot cuti...i started cuti from 29th and today is my first day at work (3rd sept)..malasnyer nak keje. :P

25th august hari tu pegi tengok the firework competition at putrajaya...italy punya turn that first it was kak ura's idea to bring her kids and my mom to see the show tapi bila diaorg were on the road, my mom's car rosak plak...kat mrr2...they had to turn back..

and since we're already at cyberjaya, kitaorg pun decided utk terus pegi nengok jer la..and kitaorg sampai dlm kul 930pm kat depan seri puteri..ingat port tu tak la ramai sgt..tapi pergh! ramai nak mampus...parking sampai muat satu kete jer nak lalu..

i called my friend yg duduk kat depan seri puteri ni..apa tah nama tempat ni..cyber height or something...and he said to come in and park the car inside his condo's parking ok la! we went there and parked our car without any hassle..

and the view was first class! :P tapi memang clear sebab depan lake betul2...diaorg siap ada buat test shot lagi huhuhu

the show started exactly at 10pm...and ended at around 1020pm...and this is the tyring one...nak kena rush keluar...tapi alhamdulillah ok sebab kitaorg lalu cyberjaya..kurang sikit kete ;) one of my saudara sampai rumah diaorg dlm kul 2am! punyala kesian...

ni org novice ambik movie..