Thursday, July 27, 2006

schumi's future

so hari ni i wanna share my thought about shumi's future in F1. he is undoubtedly the best F1 driver there is, probably in the history of F1. why not, he has broken every record there is in F1 anyway...

so where will he go after 2006? well, rumors has it that ferrari has provisionally signed raikonnen from mclaren, but this will depend on shumi.. for me its down to 2 simple options:

1. if shumi stays in F1, i doubt raikonnen will go to ferrari barring that they spend a lot of money on him...

2. if shumi retires, raikonnen will definitely be the #1 driver in ferrari and probably massa will be second fiddle one more

And currently, shumi, being as arrogant as ever, why not, he's the best driver there is :P, is playing tarik tali, as he's quitely proving to raikonnen that he still has the desire to win and coming to ferrari will be a step on the foot. But, I hope raikonnen do come to ferrari with shumi as this will be interesting to this space!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

got somebody with the name azlandaniel

well, today is my second day of blogging, still in the new-fresh-overthehead kinda feeling...

to start with, today, i had a mail from gee, mentioning that he found a blogspot which at first glance did he find my blog?...but then i notice that its another subangjaya-wanna-be-model-star i suppose. phew lega..ingat kot dia dah jumpa...tapi kalau dia jumpa pun, nasibla

so, ingat hari ni nak try to post gamba skali nengok how it looks like...

--ni my son and daughter dlm kete--

will continue hopefully tomorrow

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

first post

so finally after few years of procastinating and contemplating of creating my own blog when most of my friends already have a published-well-known blogspot, i have my own blogspot

i am planning to use this blogspot to put in my thoughts, mcm byk sgt thoughts pun... :P and probably make it like a diary, as if i had a diary anyway

so, im praying to have a good start and hopefully i can keep that momentum going!